Eco fashion brand Veja intros sneakers, bags and accessories

Eco fashion brand Veja intros sneakers, bags and accessories

While buying a pair of shoes, a t-shirt or jeans, do you ever inquire about their green quotient? Any eco fashion brand will definitely answer all your queries regarding the manufacturing process, the sustainability factor and the people who produce those fashion items. Veja is one such green fashion brand which has been creating environmentally friendly sneakers and accessories since 2004.

With its aim to deliver sustainably made shoes and other fashion items to customers, Veja uses organic cotton and vegetable-tanned leather as fabric, acacia extracts and natural colors for dyeing, and employs Brazilian workers for producing green stuff at its Seringueros-based factory, in Southern Brazil. This winter, Veja has come up with the SP, but Canvas, the Mediterranee, the Pacific, the Volley, the Indigenos, Grama, the Veja+, the Small (for kids), the Arcade and Taua sneakers. Moreover, their fashion store includes a line of bags and accessories made from acacia extracts.

If you want to know more about Veja, visit their blog or online store.

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