5 Eco-Friendly Countries You Must Visit

Travelling is a fantastic way to meet new people and explore this unique world we live in. Unfortunately, it can often cause a lot of harm to the environment as there are plenty of bad behaviours out there from local tourism operators and even national governments. The good news, however, is that countries are now taking environmental issues seriously; so, eco-friendly solutions are helping many nations go green. The focus on eco-friendly solutions also means tourism in these countries is less harmful to the local eco-system. So, if you want to explore the beauty of our planet, you must visit these five eco-friendly countries.


Finland is often at the top spot when it comes to different eco-friendly rankings. The nation is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and ensuring nature isn’t stressed above what it can possibly bear. The country has a great track record of things like water and sanitation and biodiversity.

There’s a lot of stunning nature to explore as well. The country offers a unique glimpse into the four seasons – the summers have endless nights when the sun doesn’t go down, with the winter providing you tons of snow and cold air. You can even forage your own food –something many Finns do as well!


Unsurprisingly, another Nordic country makes it to the list of eco-friendly countries – it seems that Nordic people have truly understood the value of a healthy environment. Iceland is another cold country that’s inviting and its people are warm, just like the Finns. The country is also committed to helping our planet – its renewable energy program provides almost all the required electricity and hot water for its citizens.

Of course, travel-wise Iceland offers so much to see and explore. It’s famous for its hot fountains or geysers and the dramatic scenery is perfect for hiking trips. Iceland’s cuisine is also worth exploring as the local restaurants often focus on producing food that’s not harming the local eco-system.



The small country located between the Alps and the Mediterranean is perfect for eco-friendly travel. The country is so committed to environmentally friendly travel that it collaborates with the Association for Sustainable Tourism. You’ll also find the government running a Slovenia Green scheme, which is aimed at supporting eco-friendly solutions across the country.

You can also enjoy a fantastic holiday in the country, as the picturesque towns and cities are perfect for exploration. There is plenty of untouched nature around you as well to guarantee you can go hiking.


Madrid woman tourist on Plaza Mayor screaming with Spain flag.

One of the more ‘traditional’ tourist countries that have started focusing on eco-friendly tourism is Spain. The country has kick-started a big renewable energy and solar energy campaign, which means it’s one of the greenest countries in the world in terms of energy production. While its big tourist centres still have some issues in terms of their impact on the local ecosystem, there are tons of initiatives looking to change this.

You probably don’t need a lot of background into what Spain can offer for tourists since the country is such a popular destination. However, there are tons of environmentally focused spots you should visit. These include places like Albarracin, which has taken eco-friendly travel seriously.

Costa Rica

Another country that’s trying to transform its tourism industry for the better is Costa Rica. The country has plenty of nature that needs protecting and an array of wildlife that’s now getting more attention in terms of preservation and conservation. There are many national parks in Costa Rica that are famous for the proliferation of wildlife refuges.

Furthermore, the country has witnessed a growth in eco-friendly solutions for tourists. You can find a lot of green hotels and resorts from the Costa Rican Tourism Institute, which are great for planning a trip to the country. You’ll definitely get to explore exotic wildlife and misty forests when you find yourself in the beautiful Central American country.

Tips for eco-friendly travel


When you’re looking to travel with as little harm to the environment as possible, you need to keep a few things in mind. While most people are against flying altogether, this form of travel can be the least bad for the environment when you are set to visit another country. Aviation companies are also constantly looking to improve their service and reduce emissions. For vouchers and deals on green tickets, consider using Emirates.

You should also check with the accommodation and any tour organisation about their commitment to eco-friendly solutions. Avoid using companies that have no plan in place.

Finally, when you are at your destination, be mindful of the environment. Don’t litter, hurt the ecology or overuse electricity and water. Find ways to recycle any goods you use and favour local products when shopping.

Travelling with an eco-friendly attitude is possible and you should definitely visit the above five countries!

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