DIY tips to recycle precious metal jewelry


Being a time-honored environmental trend, recycling is necessary for preserving precious environment around us. If more and more people start using recycled products and practice recycling their old products, then it is quite possible for our natural resources to last longer than we expect. However, if we consider eco fashion, many people are still not aware of the possibility of recycling precious metal into beautiful jewelries. What they limit their imagination to is recycling plastics and aluminum for common household stuffs. Recycling metals will not only saves you a great deal of money, but it also helps in preserving the Earth by eliminating any further need for mining operations.

So, here are some useful and important metal jewelry recycling steps that you need to follow for sure:

Step 1

First, try assessing the condition of your available jewelries and evaluate if there are enough metals for recycling. If you have much jewelry that you rarely wear, and they have been just lying in your jewelry box for quite some time, then you can probably separate the excess jewelries for recycling them into new ones.

Step 2

Always research the companies that are involved in jewelry recycling and make sure that they follow all the standard procedures required to recycle jewelry metals. Moreover, if you want market value for your jewelry metals, it is very important for you to review the company policies before handing over your jewelry.

Step 3

Start accumulating enough jewelry so that they can be melted into the kind of new jewelries you desire and love. However, in case of inadequate amount of metal for making your new piece, many companies also offer to include precious metals from their side and charge you for the additional metals according to the market value.

Step 4:

Always examine the jewelries you want to recycle. You can identify the metal content of your jewelry by looking for a mark, which is usually present on the back of your jewelry or on the inside. Avoid de-morphing it if it’s an exclusive designer product.

Step 5:

Always remove the gems present in your jewelry before handing them over for recycling as you can use these gems in your new piece or keep it for future use. However, removing your gems in any local jewelry store will also be cheaper for you as most of the recycling companies charge a fee for removing each gem from any jewelry.

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