Five DIY ways to recycle old plastic bags


Plastic has been known to create a nuisance environmentally for quite a long time. Many countries have also tried to encourage people in shunning plastic bags, in favor of more environmentally friendly solutions. However, the problem has continued to pose a threat. Here are some of the recommended steps for recycling plastic bags.

Decline to accept new plastic bags while continuing to use the old ones

The major problem these days has been that retailers are keen to distribute more and more plastic bags. Awareness has been a major problem. Individuals can play a key role in this case. Carrying existing plastic bags for shopping, can shun the need for the retailer to provide new bags. While these can be used again to carry things, stores these days keep systems to collect plastic bags for recycling from customers.

Using the plastic bags in your car

Cars are known to get dirty as they are very difficult to clean manually. Also, many a times there is nothing to hold the dirt even if manually we can pick it up. Keeping a bunch of plastic bags on the side holder can ensure that you can put your dirt in such plastic bags. Empty the contents and keep reusing them until they appear clean. Throw them away only when are unusable.

The domestic use of plastic bags

Plastic bags can be used for household purpose in multiple ways. You can use them to safely house your lunch boxes. They provide the protection cover if something spills out. Even while delivering food in any form, they can be used for protection purposes. You can also these bags to accessories and unused domestic things. Mufflers, hats and even old clothes cab be stuffed and kept in these plastic bags. In certain cases, ice cubes can be packed inside a tied plastic bag to give soothing relief from inflammations.

Innovating to create ‘best out of waste’

You can also innovate by using creative ideas to reuse plastic bags. Designing a plastic bag by cutting and sewing these properly can provide you with a strong shopping bag. You can also create wall decorations and art pieces by using plastic bags. Recently, reused plastic bags have circulated to use water and tea/coffee, instead of the traditional bottle/can system.

Employing plastic bags for playing purposes

Balls made out of paper can be covered using a plastic bag material to give them definite shape and weight. Paint solutions have also been wrapped in plastic solutions to keep them encapsulated from the surroundings.

Plastic reusability has been gaining more and more importance these days, which has given rise to all the different methods being practiced today for its recycling. Hopefully, by using the above mentioned methods, the nuisance of environmental degradation caused by plastic bags, can be brought down.




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