Best recycled art displays for eco conscious folks!


Eco-art takes up humongous efforts, mirrors creativity and at the same time, sends a message. Eco-art, especially recycled products show how ingenuity teamed up with used products helps in making the world greener and more beautiful.

Here’s a look at ten such amazing arts created in the last two decades:

  1. Moby the Frog: Anthony Wilson of United Kingdom has made Moby, a popular recycled ‘Toad’ at the WWT London Wetland Center using discarded cell phones as the raw material. The project was launched on 4th June 2009, which was further aided by cellular donations of a recycling organization called Regenersis.
  2. Trash People: HA Schult used aluminum cans, computer peripherals and plastic to form a regimen of thousand trash men. The men were a result of hard work of six months and have now been displayed in global platforms.
  3.  All American Girls: Sandhi Schimmel Gold of USA collected paper waste from all possible sources – newspaper, menus, brochures, junk mail, and holiday cards. Her work, ‘Al American girl’ is unique as it utilizes Tax Forms and Political Junk Mail.
  4. Snowman: Oscar Mayer “Lunchable” containers come along with Kool Aide drink packages. These are used at a daycare center in Ontario to create the snowman that was a part of Santa Claus Parade in Orillia.
  5. Forevertro: Tom Every, codenamed Dr. Evermor, built a full-fledged recycle park. Century old scraps, weighing 320 tons were assembled to make this park from 1983. The effort resulted in a 50 feet tall, 120 feet wide, and 60 feet deep park on Wisconsin off Highway 12.
  6. Polar Bears: The ‘Arctic’ hunters have inspired this work of art by Norwegian artist Tone Holmen, which was displayed at London Zoo on August 2008. Domestically discarded materials, like wood, chicken net and polystyrene were knotted together to create this magnificent piece of art.
  7. Patchwork Dog: Children’s toys have been assembled since 2004 to create this amazing canine sculpture. The creator, Robert Bradford has also made human sized toy soldier and toy angel, each of his work fetching as much as $19,000.
  8. Very Hungry God: The kitchen utensils depict hungry God. Designed by Indian artist Subodh Gupta, this creative project was inaugurated in Paris and is currently a part of private collection of French billionaire Francois Pinault.
  9. Bike Arch: To create an entrance of a bike parking lot, Mark Grieve and Ilana Specter used discarded bicycles to design a gateway at Black Rock Desert. The bicycles were collected from nonprofit bicycle organizations and hence the amazing “Bike Arch” was created.
  10. RoboMan: RoboSteel used almost 1,000 motorcycle parts to create a six feet tall mannequin and completed the project in 750 hours only.

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