Corey Corcoran etches amazing illustration into mushrooms

Corey Cocoran etches amazing illustration into mushrooms

While most artists would focus on the theme of their creations in detail, Corey Corcoran seems to be more specific about his choice of material before he actually carves his ingenuity over it. The American artist has come up with amazing illustrations, which he created on an unusual canvas. Corey uses Artist’s Conch mushrooms or Ganoderma applanatum as his canvas to etch intricate designs and stories into them.

Measuring at 6 to 24 inches wide, the little canvas actually becomes the most potent as the artist pours his precision, art and patience into it. The weird yet beautiful fungi surface turns dark from brown at the slightest scratch or touch. So it becomes actually difficult for anyone, who is not as gifted as Corey is, to think of drawing a simple line. The artist, however, plays with the variety of shadows and combines them to produce art, which, we think, is beyond compare.

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