Tips for Keeping Construction Sites Eco-Friendly


While everyone wants a home or office that is environmentally sustainable, does anyone really ever think about the actual process of building that structure? Whether you are in the construction business or are a consumer ready to buy a new construction, isn’t it time you considered whether or not that building was constructed at a cost to the ecology? Here are some tips for DIYers or professional contractors seeking eco-friendly solutions to utilize during construction. Some will absolutely help save the environment and others, believe it or not, will reduce costs as well.

Working in Remote Locations


There are times when you are building a structure far from a town or city. With the current trend of building sustainable homes off the grid, more and more homeowners are buying land in remote regions. This does tend to put a damper on the actual construction process, because additional driving puts additional CO2 back into the atmosphere. For this reason, many construction companies are going beyond those Johnny-on-the-spots and opting for portable trailers that offer everything from showers to restrooms with hand sanitizers. They are self-contained and can simply be taken back into town for servicing without the need for additional trips out to the site with special trucks for disposal of waste. This is innovation at its best and something larger contractors should consider.

Finding Information on Green Construction Practices

Planet earth is only so big and although we seem to think there are endless resources, most of them are finite. Solar and wind are two renewable resources that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and so there is ample information on using this type of energy during construction. Other practices include only working with recycled equipment and ways to reuse topsoil after excavation. If you would like a complete list of green construction practices, you might want to check out the following resources:

  • The Green Building Initiative – found on
  • NAHB for Guidelines in Green Home Building – at
  • Green Building Standards – try this doc at the NAHB site

These are really just a few of the resources you can try to find ways to make the actual process of construction more environmentally sustainable. What good is it to build an eco-friendly structure with practices that are pillaging our resources?

Beyond the Environment

Finally, a word to construction companies might be in order here. After all, your reputation is imperative if you want to grow your business and with such a focus on sustainability, this is one area you can promote. Green building practices actually go far beyond the environment. While you would like to know that you are doing your best to save the planet for future generations as a professional contractor, the public also wants to know that you are doing your part. By practicing eco-friendly construction and publicizing that you are a green organization, you will find that the general public will place a higher amount of trust in anything you do.

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