How You Can Start To Go Green

As we start to learn more about the impacts that human activity is having on the environment, more and more people are starting to “go green”. Going green means making lifestyle changes that are more beneficial to the environment. This could be reducing the amount of gas that you use, or choosing to eat foods that are more sustainable. If you are thinking about changing some of your habits, and trying to go green, here are a few places that you can start.



One of the first things that you can look at is how you get around. If you are driving a car to work every day, not only are you releasing fumes into the air but you are using up oil. One method that you can use to try and cut back on how much you use your car is to take mass transportation. Things like subways and buses are much better for the environment then everyone using a car. If that option doesn’t work for you, you may consider sharing a ride with someone else or purchasing a car that is more eco-friendly. Lastly, if you really want to go green, consider walking or riding a bicycle to any nearby locations.

Foods You Eat and Drink

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The next thing that you can look at is what you eat and drink. For example, using a refillable water bottle, rather than buying those disposable plastic ones all the time, is much better for the environment. It takes a lot of resources to produce and ship all of those plastic bottles, so by cutting back you will be doing your part to limit their production. After that, you can try to cut back on the amount of meat in your diet. Reducing the amount of meat that humans consume is one of the best ways to limit our impact on the environment.

Home Power

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Third, look at how you are using power inside your home. Be sure to turn off electronics when you are not using them, and especially over night. Try to keep your heat and air conditioning use to a minimum in order to save yourself on electricity costs. If the option is available in your area, you should look into having your home powered by solar panels. While there will be an initial upfront cost, these panels could end up saving you money in the long run, and are much better on the environment.

Other Ideas

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There are plenty of other small ways that you can start to go green. For one, you can choose to shop at stores that are more Eco-friendly, such as green dry cleaners, or local food stores. You should also make sure that you are recycling everything in your home that can be, and reusing things rather than throwing them out.

If you have the outdoor space, consider composting your garbage and starting your own garden. This is a great way to reuse some of your old trash, and save money on food as well. Lastly, if you have an outdoor area that needs lighting, consider installing solar powered lights to conserve on energy.

Start Small

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You don’t have to do everything above right away. Each little thing you do will help out, and as time goes on you can start adding more green practices to your routine.  No single person can change the environment on their own, but if we all make some small changes in our lives, we can greatly improve things for future generations.

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