Best ways to recycle your e-waste

Buying electronic gadgets for personal use is an infatuation nowadays. As soon as the new model of phone comes in the market, your old model seems obsolete to you and you start making plans to buy that new model as soon as you can. This buying spree creates a lot of e-waste, which if not properly recycled, will introduce lots of harmful elements in our ecosystem. You cannot just dump your old phone or DVD with your normal garbage, as you need to make sure that your old electronic equipments are recycled through proper channels. Here in this article we have outlined certain important points that must be kept in mind so that less e-waste is generated and whatever is generated is properly recycled.


Pass it on or just donate

As soon as you have a piece of electronic equipment that you no longer use, just donate it to somebody who may make a good use of it. There are certain organizations such as Cell Phones for Soldiers wherein they pass on the cell phone you donate to the member of soldier’s family. Other option is to pass it on to one of your friends or family member who may need it.



If you wish to make money out of your unused electronic equipments you may just choose to sell it. There are several sites such as Amazon, Ebay and Craigslist wherein you can get a good price of your gadget. The best part with selling your e-waste is that the person who buys it is expected to use it for some more time thereby eliminating the need to recycle it immediately.

Buy less

You just don’t need to buy that new cell phone that has been recently launched just because you want to impress your friends. Before buying you need to make sure that you really need this new device and if your old device is in good working condition then the need of buying new stuff could be completely eliminated. This way you’ll always have lesser number of devices to be recycled and you can contribute your bit to save the environment.

Look out for exchange offer

Many retailers and manufacturers allow consumers to trade in their old cell phone or laptop in lieu of new one. This way you get rid of old stuff easily and get some benefit also such as cash of coupons. Please make sure that the retailer (or manufacturer) does the recycling task in accordance with the rules and regulation setup by the government and not just ship the junk stuff to other countries.

E-Waste Recycling

Computer recycling, and e-waste in general, has become a topic of talk in recent years. rightly so as it deal with one of the most important issue for environment. Liquid Technology an industry-leading provider of e-waste recycling services, also provides informative resource on the subject, in their blog they provide latest computer recycling news, environmental tips, and other beneficial information that organisations use to help keep their business compliant with todays ever-changing e-waste recycling laws.

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