Unique and innovative sculptures made using recycled material

Artist’s imagination knows no boundary. An artist’s eye can visualize art in scrap or recycled material as well. Unused electronics items such as TVs, DVD players or for that matter empty soda cans could be trash material for you but for some people it could be an inspiration to make beautiful artifacts. When some people say that one person’s trash is other person’s treasure, they are right. Let’s explore this form of art in this article and find out how far the imagination can go to convert the recycled material into beautiful pieces of art and imagery.

To Live

This piece of art is the brainchild of Artist Nick Sayers wherein he has made a ball shaped place to live. This creative structure is entirely made up of real estate agents signboards, which has been collected from various places. With the help of his creation, Nick Sayers want to depict the plight of homeless people who are not fortunate enough to live in a proper home.


Wire Bird

This amazing piece of art is created by Alabama Chanin and resembles a bird made up of recycled materials such as wood, shoestrings, glass, iron scrap etc. If you like this piece of art work and wish to buy it then it can be all yours for just $735.

Toys are fun

This unique artwork is creation of Robert Bradford and buying each piece of this inimitable art could make you shell out as much as $19,000 from your pocket. Robert got this idea long back in 2002 when he saw a lot of toys that his children don’t use and he wanted to make a good use of it to do something creative.


Broken Family

This immaculate piece of art is made up of unused household items and depicts a life size figure of an elephant. Brainchild of Anthony Haywood, it mostly uses recycled electronics and other unused items, which would have otherwise gone to recycling unit if they would not have been used by him to create this masterpiece.

Sound Wave

This unique wave shaped structure is witty imagination of Korean artist Jean Shin. Made up entirely by unused vinyl records it depicts the idea that how the advancement in technology has rendered old stuff out of use.



This piece of art, made up entirely of electronic waste, is definitely an impressive one. Weighing 3 metric tons and measuring 7 meters, this has been made to order by the British Royal Society of Arts to emphasize on the fact that the human population is generating far more e-waste then it should have been doing.

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