Incredible chess sets made using recycled materials

Playing chess is an age-old hobby. In fact some people like this game so much that they are typically addicted to it. It’s a highly engrossing game, which demands presence of mind, skills and various techniques to play and win this game.

You must have seen or played chess on normally available chess sets but here we are talking about altogether different kinds of chess sets. Not only they are unique and innovative but they also use different kinds of recycled material to create this ultimate game. Here in this article we are covering five such chess sets to make a point that how innovative and creative some people can get.

F1 car parts chess set

Every car lover has a special place for F1 car in his/her heart. How about making a chess set that has been assembled from F1 car components itself. This chess set is entirely assembled by Renault F1 Team and various parts such as board and chess pieces are made from chassis, cockpit, wings and suspension. This unique chess set measuring 63.5 cm’s by 63.5 cm’s is also available to be bought at a special price.


Chess set made up of Microprocessor

You must have surely played chess on a computer system but I am sure that you must have never heard of this incredible chess set that is made entirely using old and recycled computer parts.

The play board is made up of backside of old computer motherboard while to mark black spaces, as in regular chess, 32 microprocessor chips are involved and bonded at proper positions using epoxy. Similarly pawns are carved out of capacitors, rooks are made up of old transformers, knights from relays etc. It’s surely an excellent piece of innovation and novelty.

Chess made from LEGOS

This set of chess is the brainchild of LEGO master Steve Hassenplug, who and his team spent nearly four years and used 100,000 LEGOs to finish this excellent piece of art and innovation. The best part with this gigantic chess set, which covers over 156 square feet, is that all the pieces such as pawns, knights, etc, are self driven miniature robots. These robots are controlled by a complex control mechanism and hence can be easily maneuvered from an appropriate distance.


Chess set based on Origami Bonsai

This chess set is made completely from recycled paper and consists of beautifully handcrafted pieces, which are delicately given appropriate shapes and sizes depending upon their role. This exquisite chess set is designed by Benjamin John Coleman and is available at a price of $1,250.

Wonderful chess set made with lamp parts

This chess set, created in 1968 by Jesse Dean, is entirely made up of different lamp parts. This indeed is a classic piece of art and innovation wherein the designer was successfully able to sell more than 250 such chess sets to different stores and collectors of that time.

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