Eight amazing cardboard gadgets



Ingenuity and innovation rules when it comes to crafting gadgets. Have you ever wondered cardboard could be an essential element in gadgets? If not, then this piece will tell you about some of the most creative, recycled gadgets, which have been crafted with cardboard!

Berlin Boombox

Designed by Axel Pdaener, the innovative music station is a treat for audiophiles. The self-assemble kit is named after the city where it was designed. The complete music station is made from recyclable cardboard with a designer white and black finish. The customized boombox comes with two-5W speaker with a 3.5 mm stereo input. It runs on three AA batteries and costs around £50.

Cardboard bike

Designed by Israeli inventor Ishtar Gaffing, the cardboard bike has been perfected for many years so that it can bear the weight of a human body. The inventor also came up with some really good ideas to make the bike waterproof, sturdy and fireproof. To achieve more perfection, the bike was finally painted with lacquer paint. The bike contains no metal parts and it costs not more than $20.

Vax Ev

Industrial design student Jake Tyler has come up with the whole idea behind this amazing vacuum cleaner model. This model is really functional and does suck dirt. It is completely made from recycled material, mostly cardboards. There is only a prototype of this existing model and the company is planning its production in the near future.

Kid Koala’s 12 Bit Blues

If you ever bought the limited edition Canadian DJ’s latest release, then you are going to get something extra, which is quite cute and impressive. Yes, it is a brand new, make it yourself gramophone. After the arrangement, pin it to the cone, then spin the disc with your hand and you will certainly be hearing something special.

IKEA Knappa camera

The amazingly simple and skinny camera is made from cardboard. It can take up to 30 shots and transfer those digital photos to your computer using a USB port inbuilt in the camera.


This ultimate invention is certainly going to help you discard all those bulky scan machines. The amazing product is quite a neater and cheaper replacement. Just put the document underneath and place your cell phone on top of the scanbox to get the scanned image. It is priced at $15.

Amarillo2 clock

A New York based studio is currently working on this beautiful model of cardboard clock termed as Amarillo2. The design and texture of the clock is quite remarkable.

HP cardboard desk

Initially, it was not a commercial product as it was designed to promote the HP’s Z1 Workstation. But its eye-catchy design made it quite popular among people. This cardboard desk can support around 30kg of weight.



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