X° Dustbin: Flexible bin expands like an accordion

At the Red Dot Design Awards, we often see designers suggesting green ideas which, if brought to actual practice, can show us the way to adopt a greener lifestyle. A Zheijang University team of designers, including Prof. Ying Fangtian, Xu Wei, Meng Luhua, Shen Yuebo, Liu Yi and Pang Shengli, has come up with a concept dustbin that can expand like an accordion to collect a fair amount of garbage. The extremely flexible dustbin, dubbed as X° Dustbin, unfolds itself to create sufficient space to accommodate rubbish.

Featuring numerous pockets, the garbage dispenser has great storage capacity to ensure that users do not have to see overflowing bins anymore, which is but a regular problem with ordinary dustbins. Moreover, the X° Dustbin doesn’t require much space and you can place it in any corner or fix it to your walls. When compressed, it acquires a compact form. Hence, it’s comparatively easier to transport such bins than the ordinary, bulky dustbins.

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