A beginner’s guide to minimalist shopping

guide to minimalist shopping

The market has millions of products to offer. However, just to make their product stand out from the rest, every firm advertises the product as if that is what you need right now. Nevertheless, in reality, you don’t actually need that much. In fact, when you start decluttering your house, you would find out that you have more than 10 times what you need. Furthermore, you also have products which you have never used, and which you might also never use in the future. Therefore, better than wasting your time and money on it, it is better not to buy it. However, it isn’t until you switch to a minimalist shopping approach that you find out about these products.

In the hustle and bustle of this life, it is imperative to prioritize things of value in life and remove unnecessary distractions. This lifestyle is more about focusing on the experiences one has in their lives rather than the possessions they have.

Here is a beginner’s guide to embracing minimalist shopping and decluttering your life –

1. Make a plan when embracing minimalism

One of the first and key decisions you have to make when imbibing this way of life is that you have to make a plan. You need to have an idea of what you need to buy and where you want to buy it from. The best way to do this is to make a shopping list. Only put in items that you believe you really need for survival. Narrow down on the shops that only sell the items you need to avoid more and more distractions. This way you will only buy the items that are on the list. This plan of minimalist shopping will only fructify if you stick to it. And make a list of things no matter where you plan to go shop, groceries or cosmetics.

2. Buy Mindfully

Minimalist shopping, in no way, means buying less than what you have been doing till date. It simply means you need to learn to buy mindfully. That means, your house no longer needs to be cluttered with things you do not need or love. It means all the purchases need to be intentional and essential for you to live. However, this also means using and purchasing more eco-friendly products like sustainable clothes. To put it simply, it is nothing more than putting thought into what you buy when you buy it.

3. Do research
Do research

Research, research and research. One of the biggest gifts that the internet has given is that you can be aware of all the choices available in the market. So, kick back with that coffee or glass of wine and peruse all the options before you actually make the purchase. One of the best tools to help you embrace minimalism is Google. People love sharing information and personal experiences about products. So before you decide to go out and splurge on the things you think you need, read more about them on the internet. This will also tell you how much a thing costs. This will certainly help you set a budget.

4. Minimalist shopping is all about the budget

As highlighted earlier, minimalism is not about being frugal. But that in no way means that you do not have a budget to adhere to. While doing your research, the price of the product will almost always come to the forefront. But always compare prices of the product on multiple outlets unless the product you are seeking is only made by a particular firm that does not sell on multiple platforms.Think about saving first and then of affordability and not the other way round. There is no reason to get in credit card debt to afford something you are not sure you will be needing only once or twice in a few months. Only spend what your budget allows. Which means even if you get an advanced version of what you need for a few extra bucks, do not extend the budget. Stick to the plan.

5. Look for quality

When you have the budget set, look for the best option that has the best quality. Always choose quality over quantity. Buying a quality product will ensure that you will use it for a longer duration, which will reduce the need for you to replace that product in the immediate future. That means you will not only save money in the long run but also let you feel fabulous at the same time. Cheaper products usually have a lower shelf life and need to be replaced quickly. Avoid this pothole and go for quality every time you shop.

6. Always ask: Is it really necessary?

One of the biggest pitfalls when we are shopping is that we often don’t ask ourselves: Is it really necessary? Whether buying sustainable clothes or the latest technological items, always remember to ask yourself that question. And if the first answer that pops in your head is no, then drop the item and leave empty handed before your mind starts giving you unnecessary reasons why that product is pertinent. A product is essential only if it replacing an old or broken item in the house or it is able to add value to your life. Or helps you make your life much simpler. If you have something similar back home, then you do not need the newer item. Having two items that do the same thing is a wastage of both space and money.

Advantages of minimalist shopping

1. Savings


Embracing minimalism and going minimalist shopping will always make sure you only buy things that add a certain value to your life, simplify it and help you save a ton of money. This will also be able to buy more things that will help you experience life. This is a great thing to do to save money for a rainy day and maintain a budget.

2. Travel light

Also having minimum materialistic possessions and ample amount of sustainable clothes will help in case you need to pick up and travel at a moment’s notice.

3. Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Minimalism is not a habit anymore. It is a way of life now. It is now considered the art of living not frugally, but with minimum material attachments. And that is not limited to one’s person, it now extends to one’s home as well. This approach will also help in creating a simple and elegant house which in turn will give you immense peace of mind.

So, the key to a happy and successful life is to learn to buy mindfully. Focus on the things you need and not simply on the things you want. Let life, in turn, come to you.

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