Green jobs to watch out for in the future

If being a millennial were a religion then not caring for the environment would have certainly been a blasphemy. Furthermore, there is also no dearth of millennials who would love to dedicate their lives for a noble cause. In the past, the situation might have been different, however, now there are plenty of opportunities for such people. No matter whether you are a lawyer, doctor or engineer, there are eco-friendly jobs for everyone. In addition, if you have a specialty in any field, then you have many green jobs to watch out for. You’d qualify for something for which no one else does.

Here in this article, we provide you with a list of sustainable jobs and you might just give it a read and decide to set up your own career with some eco-conscious employment opportunities.

 Some of the green jobs to watch out for

1.     Sustainability consultants

Sustainability consultantsIf the reports and predictions of the College Board management are to be believed then the sustainability consultant services will have the most number of newly created jobs from 2008-2018. With an expectant growth of 83% you can make a fortune by focusing on sustainability.

There are several organizations and companies in the markets who are without the adequate expertise in sustainability. They would readily hire you as a consultant so that you can you can help them with their planning and execution of sustainability projects and shoulder the corporate responsibility. With so many global corporate giants coming out with a pledge to increase on their sustainability quotient this is a job going to be on the rise for quite some time now.

2.     Environmental Engineers

Environmental EngineersAs far as statistics and environmental speculation is concerned of Bureau of Labor Statistics, they claim that in the field of environmental engineering, the demand will be more than the national average which would be including all other occupations in the time period of 2012-2022.

There are so many jobs that need to be done nowadays to comply with an environmentally conscious government and norms that eco-conscious environment opportunities like an environmental engineers job is supposed to increase in leaps and bounds. Treatment of wastewater and the cleanup of contaminated sites are only few of the works that you may have to lead your team through, as an environmental engineer. Sounds lucrative enough?

3.     Environmental scientists

Environmental scientistsThere is supposed to be increased demand for the environmental scientists who would be working in the offices and labs and necessary fields. It simply stems from the fact that there is a drive to save the planet with so much of climate change affecting the people. Jobs, like conserving water and finding new means of doing so or chemical cleanups, ensure that a growing number of environmental scientists are needed by the day. The scientists will have to make a note of the environmental change alongside preparing for some means to avoid continual degradation. Such a large scale objective that keeps evolving will make sure that there is no recession for this profession.

4.     Corporate Social Responsibility as sustainable professionals

Corporate Social Responsibility as sustainable professionalsThere is now a new sense of responsibility among the corporate giants. There are also government guidelines to abide by. Together they make this particular job one of the best among the green jobs to watch out for.

Everyone from Starbucks to Apple is in the need for one to help them gain the reputation as eco-friendly corporate giants and that ensures that this high paying job is going to be on the rise for a while now.

5.     Green building experts

Green building expertsEco-conscious employment opportunities are steadily rising with the advent of green and sustainable construction. As the contractors and planners and engineers scramble looking for new professional to help them build an eco friendly structure, this job will not be losing its sheen.

U.S Green Building Council provides a staggering data to motivate you further in this career path. Green construction has resulted in a whopping 100 billion dollars in the GDP of the country and also provided 2million jobs. If these numbers are not luring you enough, we don’t know what will.

6.     Agricultural and food scientists

Agricultural-and-food-scientistsAs the world faces a food crisis with the rising population, being an agricultural or food scientist is one of the more attractive green jobs to watch out for. There is a rising need today for the farming practices to be eco friendly and that we find an energy source which is sustainable.  So from fisheries to farms working on GM crops, the requirement of professionals in this domain will be seeing a steady rise over the years. The world is looking for better and safer food options and there is much need for multiplying the quantity of food grown. Together these needs will ensure these jobs to grow without any hindrance.

7.     Water engineers and scientists

Water engineers and scientistsWater is one of the most important and most depleting resources of the world. There is a twin problem in this regard that at times we have too much water due to floods and hurricanes and at other times there is drought resulting is bad cropping seasons.

Scientists would be required to find some new water sources and of course focus upon proper conservation of the existing ones such that the water shortage faced by the world is somewhat relieved.  They also need to device agricultural methods that would need lesser quantities of water and find out some water saving devices. It is thus unlikely that this profession would ever leave the list of the green jobs to watch out for.

8.     Campus sustainability directors and managers

Campus sustainability directors and managersNot just the professions directly but even one which is about sustainability coordinators and directors or managers are steadily on the rise. Statistics would conform to this claim. There has been an 11 percent increase in the domain of full time jobs which primarily focus on sustainability. With such statistics it sure is tempting to explore the field more and find yourself some environmental sustainability careers.

Final words

As the environment continues to degrade with every passing day, environmental sustainability careers are on the rise. With more and more people and organizations coming up with new plans to save the planet, those who want to be a part of these projects are usually rewarded with really good jobs.

With time the domains of jobs always change. But under current circumstances, we can assure you that environmental sustainability careers are here to stay for a long time. Reap the benefits if you can with your new-found knowledge on the green jobs to watch out for, and work with success to make the planet a better place.

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