Wellness Teas or Infusions – Which One Should You Choose?

Wellness Teas or Infusions

Do you know the differences between infusions and wellness tea? If not, then you’re certainly not alone. But one thing is for sure – they aren’t the same thing. However, it is true that they are both beneficial for our health in their own unique ways.

So, let’s go over the difference between the two, to help you decide which of the two products can benefit your life and body the most.

What is wellness tea?

Wellness teas have become all the craze in the last few years, especially as people have become increasingly health conscious.

What sets wellness tea aside from your plain Jane herbal tea bags that you see at your local grocery store, is that wellness tea is packed full of carefully curated ingredients that work to go above and beyond for our bodies’ health.

Wellness tea varieties usually have more ingredients than just one type of tea leaf. You might see more exotic blends of ingredients like dandelion root which is loaded with vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, and rich textured fillings like lavender petals and fennel seeds.

Wellness tea, which can be found and bought easily online, comes in a multitude of flavors and varieties. If you’re looking to add some natural support to your body’s immune system, metabolism, and blood sugar, then wellness tea would be a great addition to your diet.

What is a herbal infusion?

If you’re shopping around for a new healthy beverage to incorporate into your daily life, then odds are that you’ve come across tons of different kinds of wellness teas and infusions. 

Here’s the main difference. Infusions, while like wellness tea in the fact that it is also brewed or steeped in hot water and loaded with beneficial vitamins and ingredients, tend to focus on the flavor aspect.

Herbal infusions are one of the most common types of infusions, and typically contain ingredients like camellia, black tea, green tea, fruits, berries, and mint. Infusions are often caffeine-free, meaning they’re great for those that want more of a mild and calming experience.

Is one kind of tea better than the other?

While wellness tea and infusions might offer a slightly different sipping experience, they are both certainly equal when it comes to the number of benefits they bring with them.

Whether they are drunk first thing in the morning, after lunch, or before you go to bed for the night, both kinds will provide your body with vitamins that otherwise would not be easily or regularly consumed.

And one surprising aspect that comes with both? Their ability to make us slow down and practice mindfulness. Clearing your head, focusing on the warm cup in front of you, and being thankful for the vitamins that will nourish your body and support strong health, is a great way of getting your day started off on the right foot.

If you’re looking for a way to naturally support your digestion, immune health, and metabolism, all while staying hydrated and naturally contributing to lowering stress levels, then both infusions and wellness teas would be a great option.

One thing is for sure though. We might be biased, but coffee doesn’t stand a chance to tea when it comes to the ability to provide people with healthy blood sugar and caffeine levels.

Our advice? Try them both!

When you compare two incredibly healthy lifestyle habits (drinking wellness tea or infusions), it’s difficult to decide which one would be best, because they both will be great. The only way you can truly know which is best for you and which will be easier to incorporate into your everyday life is to give them both a try and see which one is the better fit.

As mentioned previously, online stores today offer a huge variety of unique blends of all kinds of teas and make it easy to get started living the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted to live, by giving you the ability to peacefully shop from home.

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