Video: Luzinterruptus – Light in Winter Melbourne, 2012

Creative folks at Luzinterruptus love to play with light and accordingly, they have come up with thought-provoking light installations worldwide in the past. While Aliens in Space was a tongue-in-cheek remark on our practice of disposing trash without caring how it pollutes our environs, the Literature versus Traffic signifies how books could replace gas-guzzling autos on a busy city highway.

During their brief stay in Melbourne, the Luzinterruptus creatives put the Literature versus Traffic light installation on public view, which flaunted over 10,000 abandoned novels donated by Australian libraries and the Salvation Army. Aside from bringing relentless Australian traffic to temporary halt, it attracted pedestrians to have a look at numerous books emitting invasive radiance in a supposedly silent, dark backdrop.

Here’s a video created by 862productions that explains the installation process and people’s response. Moreover, it includes great camera work done by Tony Yap and Yumi Umiumare. What interests us is public involvement, how it substantiates the might of literature and the intent to educate folks about recycling.

Watch the video, Luzinterruptus – Light in Winter 2012, to have the first hand experience of the shared event in all its glory:

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