VELECO intros green cycle wear for urban commuters

Since biking is already the greenest mode of transportation, we can’t greenify it any further. Right? Folks at VELECO, claimed as the world’s first fair-trade and eco friendly cycle wear company, think otherwise though and accordingly, they show us the way to do so. With their aim to make your ride more sustainable than it was ever before, designers at the UK-based cycle wear company has come up with a collection of cycling jackets, t-shirts and hoodies.

Made from natural, organic and recycled materials, the ethical line of cycle wear and accessories, which further include cycling caps, cotton bags, recycled tire and tube belts, and green oil, is perfect for your green commutes. Moreover, VELECO pays a 15 percent fair-trade premium on every garment made to support health and welfare projects in Pakistan.

Next year, the company will launch a new collection of technical wear, including jackets, bags, shorts and trousers.

Via: HippyShopper


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