Bob Marley’s son promotes eco headphones in South Africa

Bob Marley being the third world’s first pop superstar had been instrumental in promoting Jamaican music and the Rastafari movement. He brought reggae music to a worldwide audience. Now, years after his death, his son, Rohan Marley, is all geared up to make eco music mainstream as he promotes the launch of The House of Marley range of eco-friendly headphones in South Africa.

These headphones were first launched at the Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, in January. Dubbed as Redemption Song, Stir It Up and Exodus, the tricolored (red, yellow and green) headphones are made from sustainably harvested FSC certified woods, recycled aluminum and organic cotton. Moreover, each of the headphones come packed in recyclable packaging.

Available at Dion Wired stores, the on-ear and in-ear headphones, docking stations and portable speaker collections endorse superior quality and eco-friendliness. Rohan urged South African music lovers to buy these music accessories that have least impact on the environment. A substantial share of the profits from sales will be given to South Africa’s Faces of Hope Foundation and the Eqinisweni Secondary School.

Via: Ventures Africa

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