British artist creates amazing light art from 50,000 discarded CDs

British installation artist Bruce Munro loves to play with light. Accordingly, his architectural lighting schemes, which you could see at private residences, hotels, restaurants and other commercial spaces, have that peculiar charisma which puts them in the same league as Luzinterruptus. However, this time, the gifted artist has tried his hand at recycling redundant stuff to enlighten Waddesdon Manor, a beautiful French chateau in England. Named Angel of Light and Blue Moon on a Platter, his two mammoth artworks utilize – recycle rather – numerous CDs to offer a brilliant spectacle.

While Angel of Light reinvigorates about 50,000 CDs by morphing them into a circular installation that encircles the entrance hall, the magnetism goes still further when it illuminates through the night thanks to battery-powered LED candle lanterns. The LED lanterns form a sort of border around the installation.

The second installation, i.e. Blue Moon on a Platter, flaunts thousands of CDs pinned to create a massive 28 meters pedestal that supports the Moon, which contains 150 spheres of coiled optic-fiber. Moreover, to complete the allure, 18 moon-themed songs keep playing alongside the installation.

Via: Inhabitat

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