The Five Best Eco-friendly Menstrual Cups Out There

Eco-friendly Menstrual Cup

A menstrual cup is a flexible cup-shaped object used by ladies when they are on their monthly period. It is worn in the Vagina and helps to collect period fluid. They are eco-friendly, don’t have any harmful substances, and are economical since once you buy one, you can reuse it on several menstrual circles.

Being that it’s a relatively new product on the market, we want to demystify some of the menstrual cup myths.

 What is a menstrual cup?

menstrual cupIt’s a cup made of plastic that you insert into the vagina. Conventionally ladies use a tampon, which is typically inserted into the vagina to sock in the menstrual blood. At the same time, you can place a towel along the panty lining for the same purpose.

The menstrual cup is inserted into the vagina to collect blood and remains safely in place between 8 and 12 hours. Safely dispose of the blood and the cup can be washed clean to ready it for reuse.

How is a menstrual cup used?

When you buy a new menstrual cup, enclosed inside is the instruction manual. Read it and understand how to go about the process of insertion. Inserting the cup means that you will need to be cautious since the vagina has soft tissue, and any unsafe process of getting the cup into place can cause injuries. It’s important to understand that both the process of withdrawal and insertion is essential, so read and re-read the manual at your disposal to safely understand the menstrual cup’s ins and outs.

Are menstrual cups leak-proof?

woman holding Menstrual cupMenstrual cups are as safe as the other conventional sanitary pads. Since they are made of plastic material, it goes without saying that plastic is known to hold water without leaking. But to ensure that the cup does not leak, it should be inserted in the right way. You should follow the right procedure, failure to which there is a chance you will experience leakages, and then wrongfully blame it on the menstrual cup.

Are menstrual cups eco-friendly?

The cups are made for reuse; hence they are friendly to the environment because there is a slim chance for disposal. Unlike tampons and sanitary towels, which are damped all over, during the process of manufacture, chemicals are not used. They are made from a bio-degradable silicon material, while sanitary towels are made of upto 90% plastic, which is not biodegradable.

The 5 best eco-friendly menstrual cups

There are many menstrual cups in the market which makes it tough to choose the best. Reading reviews of menstrual cups is a good starting point. It will assist you in deterring which cup is suitable for you. Consider things like your cervix height, age, how heavy is your flow, how active are you and many more – all of which are explained in those reviews. You can choose between re-useable and disposal options. To maintain good hygiene, it’s advisable to wash the cup before inserting it back.  Here is a roundup of the 5 best eco-friendly menstrual cups to help you make an informed buying decision.

1. The Diva Cup

The Diva CupThis menstrual cup comes in two models, 1 and 2, respectively. Model 1 is recommended for women over 30 years who have never gone to labor, while module 2 is for women over 30 years who have given birth.

2. Venus Cup

This cup also has two models, small and large. Size small is more for women with a lighter flow and possibly a lower cervix position. Size large would be for women with a heavier flow and a higher cervix.The Venus large size has the highest capacity among almost all menstrual cups in the world making it a very popular cup. If you are not sure which size you need, Venus menstrual cup also offer a starter kit which includes both sizes. This is a great option for beginners.

3. Lena

Lena Menstrual CupWith Lena you get two for the price of one. It comes with a small and larger cup. It adequately takes care of regular and massive flow days.

4. Blossom Cup

Blossom is cheaper than other menstrual cups. One positive feature for this menstrual cup is the money-back guarantee policy, which means that you return the product and get cash if you are not satisfied after using it.

5. Softcup

The soft cap is a unique menstrual cupThe soft cap is a unique menstrual cup. It has little menstrual disks in the cup that holds the blood, and when it’s full, instead of washing the cup, you toss them out, and the cup is ready for reuse.


Using a Menstrual cup has many advantages, including hygiene, eco-friendliness, economical, and back to its primary objective, ensuring that ladies can go up and about, even when they are on periods. When buying a menstrual cup, buy from reliable brands and manufacturers. Since this cup will be inserted in you, you cannot take any chances.

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