SunnyBAGPowerTAB: The best solar charger in the world for your tablets and smartphones

Charging your devices on the go can be a bother at times. Thankfully, all that has come to an end now with the advent of the PowerTAB by Austrian company SunnyBAG. Billed to be the strongest and most efficient solar chargers in the world, the PowerTAB can easily keep your devices charged up and ready to use whenever and wherever you are traveling.

The Design Aesthetics

The PowerTAB is a highly efficient solar system that can easily make you 100% independent. The device combines 6000mAHh batteries with the most powerful solar panels to supply abundant renewable energy used for charging mobiles, tablets and any other wearable devices on the go. The portable solar system comes with a 5 watt Sunpower Solar panel supplies the necessary power to the device by absorbing the sun’s rays. An inbuilt transducer then utilizes this technology and provides a power output of 2.4 Amp via a USB output channel. This power is more than enough to recharge two tablets quickly.

Wondering how you will know to recharge the batteries in the PowerTAB? An LED display will send out a message when the time comes to recharge the batteries. Two lights with power outputs of 1 watt each located at the back of the device can also act as reading lights when needed.

Benefits of the SunnyBagPowerTAB

In case you are wondering what is so fascinating about the PowerTAB, take a look at some of it salient benefits here.

  • Extremely Lightweight

One of the main highlights of the PowerTAB is its portability. This is facilitated by the device’s light weight. The PowerTAB weighs only 430 grams which makes it very easy for one to carry it around wherever he/she goes.

  • High Stability

The design of the PowerTAB is such that it offers a highly efficient output while ensuring minimal damage to its components. The solar panel as well as the USB output also enjoys a high degree of protection from dust, water, ice and other weather elements.

  • High Practicality

Simply carrying around a solar panel on your back is not enough. The PowerTAB from SunnyBAG comes with four hooks. These allow the solar charger to be fixed easily on any surface, including on bags, tents and windows, etc.

The PowerTAB is a high powered solar charger that can easily charge your mobiles, tablets and wearable devices on the go. The highly efficient and portable solar charger can easily be considered as the next big thing in solar charging technology.

Source : KickStarter.Com

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