Some handy tips to green your wardrobe


Most fashion enthusiasts are not keen on the term coined as “Eco-friendly fashion”. There is a misconception that eco-friendly fashion apparels are heavy and not comfy at all. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth as organic fashion gains more and more prominence in today’s world.  Eco-friendly fashion is simple, comfy and yet naturally beautiful contrary to the misconception created. Thus, it’s no surprise that this eco-sustainable fashion has gained a foothold in today’s fashion world. The newest trend is slick and it’s ‘in’, to quote the fashion industry experts.

Though it’s a commendable step to stay stylish and yet make a positive impact on environmental conservation, certain tips should be taken into account. Many a times, fashion enthusiasts completely fail to understand the nuances of ‘going green’. We will provide you with certain guidelines, which will certainly assist you in your quest to make a closet filled with organic clothing.

Having the awareness of what is actually eco-friendly and what isn’t

Many a times, clever sellers try to gain on the hype surrounding organic apparel by selling fake stuff. More often than not, the word ‘organic clothing’ is just a term present on the label, while the fashion material doesn’t have any relation to the word from any angle. It is essential to be able to distinguish between the real and fake deal, when it comes to ‘natural’ clothing. Prior research on the type of clothing and brands you intend to purchase can certainly help. Generally, the raw material used in the making of the organic fashion product is the most important factor. If the material used is organic, like a Bamboo or Cotton, the product can be termed eco-friendly. A lot of online websites today are dedicated to eco-friendly fashion. You can find a lot of information relating to the organic brand and clothing you intend to purchase on these websites.

Shopping in close proximity

People seldom recognize the importance of carbon footprint, as they restrict their thinking only to organic clothing. If you nearby to your location, you are contributing significantly in reducing the carbon footprint in addition to being organically fashionable!

Always carry recyclable bags

The impact of using non-recyclable polythene bags on the environment has been much publicized. Retailers are starting to offer environmental friendly bags, which are reusable. While most retailers do give out such bags, some don’t. Some of the fashion enthusiasts have innovated to use these reusable bags as a style statement. Thus, through the use of these accessories, they are making a positive impact on the environment.

Save Time and Environment by Shopping on the Internet

With the advent of Ecommerce and Internet, the need for physical travelling in order to shop, has reduced drastically. Also, if you are shopping online, you are doing the environment a favour by not using the pollution causing modes of transport such as a car. You are also going cut down on the time and money spent in searching for the organic fashion product that you desire. Shopping online can greatly reduce the carbon footprint.

Going green fashionably is also about reusing!

Eco-friendly fashion isn’t just about buying. See to it that you don’t throw away your eco-friendly clothes, once you get bored. Rather, donate these to needy people or use your designing skills to innovate and come up with something new! For example, the denim material for jeans can always come handy in making a handbag.

Going green fashionably is certainly a commendable effort. However, we must realize that, with each step taken, we are contributing significantly towards the environment.

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