Solar energy ideas that are innovative and beyond the ordinary

“Go Green” has become one of the most touted and important slogan in our lives today because of the realization that our planet is on the verge of extinction so we all really need to put our foot down and do every possible thing that can help make Earth a better place to live.

This is the reason why every other day now, we either read in newspapers or hear news on television that eco-friendly innovations and inventions are being made. Solar powered inventions are revolutionizing the way and style of our living. Following are some solar powered inventions that are certainly great but a bit strange too:


solar paint

This one really needs a super round of applause, as the thought seems to be unique and green. Paint would not only look good on the walls but will produce renewable energy as well. The credit goes to a group of Notre Dame Scientists who combined nanoparticles of titanium dioxide, with water, alcohol, and semiconducting cadmium. This combination turned out to be a solar paint, which you are supposed to paint on a conducting surface like some metal and it would absorb the sun energy.


solar-powered bikini

Another somewhat weird solar-powered invention is the eco-friendly solar-powered bikini. Relax and sunbathe at beach while charging your gadgets and devices by plugging them into your solar bikini. You can go swim with this bikini on but do not forget to dry the USB port before charging.

Solar-powered movie theatre

The Sol Cinema

The Sol Cinema is the smallest movie theatre in the world that depends upon solar energy for its operation. This cute and eco-friendly theatre can accommodate eight adults at a time to enjoy an eco cinematic experience. The cinema has a retro style and uses solar panels to charge the lithium ion batteries.

Solar Neck Warmer

Solar Neck Warmer

The neck warmer looks cool in design but is much more impressive in its performance. It uses sun energy to keep the area around neck and shoulder warm. Inside there is a thin heating element with a small Eneloop battery attached to it. The solar energy stored in the battery can also be used for charging purposes.

Solar backpacks

Solar backpacks

One more way to make your camping trip even more eco-friendly is to carry the solar backpack along that has a lithium battery, which uses solar power to operate and charges laptops, cell phones, MP3 players, or any other electrical device.


There have been quite a number of innovative solar powered inventions but some of them are strange and display quite out of the box thinking of their designers.

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