Rising seas can swallow your city

We are reading and listening news about global warming and rising sea levels almost daily. If man do not take steps to check pollution, the day is not far away when mankind will witness it’s cites merging into sea. In rapid industrialization we have forgotten the nature. According to the study published in the journal Environment and Urbanization, in whole world nearly 634 million people live coastal areas. As exceeding population the numbers of people living near sea is growing day by day. More than 180 countries have populations in low-elevation coastal zones, and about 70 percent of those have urban areas of more than 5 million people that are under threat. Names of few countries and cites which are at the risk of rising sea level are given below:
New York
Dhaka etc.

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There are some guidelines of the study published in the journal Environment and Urbanization are given below:
 The study gives no time frame for rising sea levels or the potential flooding in individual countries.
 It warns, the solution to the problem will not be cheap and may involve relocating many people and building protective engineering structures.
 In their report copy given to Associated press said that about 100 million people each year could be flooded by rising seas by 2080.
The Co-author Gordon McGranahan of the International Institute for Environment and Development in London has given some suggestions:
 Migration away from the zone at risk.
The study said;

Migration away from lowest elevation coastal zones will be important, but can be costly and difficult to implement without causing severe disruptions.


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