Newly spotted Puget Sound Orcas baby brings the endangered whales' number to 86

new baby spotted with puget sound orcas 9

The killer whales at the Puget Sound that were going endangered have been worrying conservationists for long, until recently scientists have spotted some along with a new calf.

This new calf is not only pampering the concerned scientists’ optimisms, but has also brought the number of orcas to 86. The whales feed on salmon along the California coast, according to scientists.

Thought he researchers are not yet sure if the baby is a male or female, they have identified it to be belonging to one of three whale family groups or pods, making their permanent home around Puget Sound.

It is over the weekend, the whales were seen in the Monterey Bay, California. Thanks to the photos of the whales revealing the unique markings. It proves that the baby belongs to the “L” pod of Puget Sound orcas, as the scientists with the Center for Whale Research, based on San Juan Island said.

Ken Balcomb, the center’s senior scientist, told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer said,

I’m delighted that they’ll go where food is available. They’re not going to sit here and starve and wash up on our shores.

Photo: AP/Courtesy Monterey Bay Whale Watch, Nancy Black

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