Responsible and environmentally friendly tips for raising your baby

Parents always look for the ways to make their babies happy and healthy. It is even better if parents add a touch of environment sustainability to the mix. You can achieve that by changing their food, clothes, and living habits. While some parents believe, it is a difficult task, Dr Prem Jagyasi shares some tips can help you in getting a green baby.

Organic food for healthy baby

kid eating healthy

Choosing organic food for your child can help in reducing the baby’s exposure to harmful chemicals. It is important to cut down junk food from diet. Junk foods are not good for baby and you too. Move towards a healthy diet and add some good foods like milk, fruits, and vegetables to the diet, which will help the child in growing better.

Avoid fragranced powders

Mother massaging her baby girl

Babies have soft and sensitive skin. It is important for a baby’s health that the skin be allowed to breathe. Many people use lotions and creams to soothe the skin of baby. Body lotions and fragranced powder are a good option to make baby smell good, but it is not healthy for baby’s skin. Avoid fragrance powders and body lotions.

Clean toys frequently

Toys for toddlers

Toys get dirty in no time. Regular cleaning is necessary for the toys. Just take a clean cloth or a sponge and damp it in a little water and baking soda mixture. Now rinse off the extra water and clean toys the toys. If you have too many toys to wash, you can mix baking soda in water in bathing tub and put all toys in it. Now let toys rest in this mixture for a while and then wash them in clean water. You will get clean and better toys in just few minutes.

Wash clothes on time

using washing machine

Never make a damp of baby’s clothes. Sometimes baby’s clothes are full of stains that you have to wash there and then. Leaving them unwashed will make it messier as it will be hard to remove the stains. To clean stains from kid wear, you can sprinkle some baking soda over the stain and keep it aside for twenty minutes. Baking soda is a natural cleanser that will remove the stains from clothes. If you want to clean clothes wash them frequently and on time.

Take care of cleanliness

cleaning floor

Raising a child the green way is not a troublesome thing; you just have to take care of few aspects. Cleaning the house is one such little, but very important thing. Clean your house well. When you enter your home, make sure you do not go in with shoes on. Remove the shoes at the door and then enter the house. You will make a cleaner and safer home, if you are removing shoes outside home, as shoes contains a lot of dust and can give germs easy access to your house. Your child is going to follow you and everything you do. You are therefore responsible for making habits of a child, whether good or bad.

Raising a child the environmentally friendly way depends on parents. You have to adopt some healthy habits like changing its eating and drinking habits besides changing the clothes they wear.

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