Pyron Innovates With Powerful and Cheaper Solar Energy

Solar power to compete with conventional power plants! Will it succeed? Too early to comment on it, true. But, in market of demanding cleaner and cheaper energy there is a high chance for it to thrive well. But, Pyron Solar is making the bold claim that its solar power system can compete head-to-head with conventional power plants. It is a California-based company. The system, developed with Boeing-Spectrolab, is very compact, and uses short-focal-length lenses to concentrate direct sunlight to photovoltaic cells. According to the company, these cells produce 800 times more electricity than conventional non-concentrating cells of the same size. Producing an astonishing 6.5 KW of electricity, enough to power six homes, their first prototype is 23 feet in diameter and 16 inches high. To add to this, the system is comparatively cheaper and thus affordable. Compared with around $32,500 for flat-panel systems, the Pyron Generator costs around $18,000 (with California rebates of around $2.30 per watt, or just over $2,000).

Via: Treehugger, more

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