REVA– Cheapest Electric Car in the World: Video Blog

A video-blogger shares his electric car ownership experience with the world on his website. He is Danny Fleet. Yes, electric. His Indian-made REVA, a small 2-door hatchback can accommodate “2 adults and 2 minors” (according to REVA’s FAQ) and has a range of 80 km on one charge (50 miles, the average UK commute is 8 miles/12 km), at an estimated cost of about 1 US cent per kilometer. Since the REVA does not have an engine, clutch or gears, or a carburetor, radiator, exhaust etc, the maintenance cost is low. Estimates show that the maintenance costs of REVA are 40 % lower than that of a small car over a 3-year ownership period. Danny claims REVA as the cheapest commercially produced electric car in the world. The vehicle is Available in 6 cities in India, the vehicle is currently exported to the UK and Malta. The car is also being test marketed in US, Nepal, Hong Kong , Switzerland, Israel, Japan , Norway and China.

Via: Treehugger

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