Canola Oil Soon to Run Engines, And Not Prepare Food

Be it necessity, economy or desideratum-the market for bio diesel fuel is swelling expeditiously. And this in turn is heating up interest in canole among Texas producers. David Bordovsky, Texas Agriculture Experiment Station research scientist in Chillicothe expects his work in the national variety trials will play a role as canola becomes a larger part of the growing bio-diesel industry. From lubricating machinery during World War II to cooking oil for human consumption, canole have been serving a wide range of necessities for decades. Now, its time to play the role of bio-diesel. Kansas State’s canola breeding program is the lead agency in the National Winter Canola Variety Trials. People’s search for alternative fuel sources and bio-diesel is really catching on, especially with the soaring prices of fuel. Realizing canola as a crop that might make more profit from than wheat, producers are shifting their attitudes too.

Via: Science daily

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