PlantSitter claims to be the world’s smartest plant monitoring system

China-based company MiGrow has created a world’s first smart plant monitoring system that aims to make gardening a pleasurable task, especially for beginners. PlantSitter by MiGrow is a small portable devicedesigned to take care of your plants by connecting you with your plants with the help of mobile application and smartphone. Giving you the freedom to check on your plant from anywhere, the smart device guides and sendsinformation related to plant growth and health.

Working of PlantSitter

The smart plant-monitoringdevice with four built-in sensors keeps a check on four important values, i.e., soil moisture, nutrition, temperature and sunlight. Designed to connect with your smartphone, laptop and tablet via Bluetooth, the PlantSitter must be inserted next to your plant. As it interprets the data, it will send the information on the mobile app, informing you about the health and requirement of the plant.

Mobile application

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The MiGrow application is a dedicated mobile app that is made compatible with iOS/Android. Acting as a voice for your plants, each plant connected with the device gets its own profile picture and name. Available in both live and recorded mode, the data collected is stored in BigData servers, from where user can browse the information on a daily, weekly and hourly basis.

Online Social community

Planning to create an online social community, the company wishes to bring professional and amateur gardeners together. This will help in gaining knowledge and sharing information related to plants. From sharing data, pictures and ideas, all the plant-lovers will get a chance to understand their plants better, to improve and increase plant-growing skills.

Router for better connection

Apart from tracking your plants health, the company is also planning to create a router which will keep you updated regarding your plants from anywhere at any time. According to MiGrow, unlike Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which are short-range wireless technology, the router will help in exchanging the data.

Raising funds

Currently raising funds via online crowdfunding site Kickstarter, the PlantSitterhas pledged for $60,000 and has raised $25,316. So, if you want to improve your gardening skills and want to have healthy plants, the PlantSitter is priced at $19 only, while the Kickstarter special is priced at $26. Expected to be shipped anywhere in the world by July 2016, the PlantSitter makes you talk to your plants.

The PlantSitter by MiGrow is a revolutionary andsmart plant-monitoring device designed to let you talk to your plants and understand their requirements in a better way, making you a pro in gardening.

Source : KickStarter.Com

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