Meet ZBoard, the world’s first weight-sensing electric skateboard


ZBoard, the world’s first, weight-sensing electric skateboard proved an instant hit when it wooed backers at Kickstarter with its lean-and-go interface. Now, almost six months after making its maiden appearance, the perfectly portable skateboard has begun shipping, with a 10-week waiting list. Priced at $649 and $949 respectively, both versions, i.e. Zboard Classic and the Zboard Pro, promise to offer an effortless, eco friendly skating experience to tenderfoots.

Both models feature weight-sensing technology to enable users find the perfect balance while controlling their speeds during motorized jaunts. While the front footpad allows for acceleration, the rear one helps skateboarders to apply brake when needed. The electric skateboard communicates with the on board computer to adjust the electric motor speed.

Capable of achieving max speeds of 15 or 17 mph respectively, both skateboards further utilize regenerative braking and negligible power to ensure minimal carbon footprint. While the Classic takes you 5 miles on a full 110V charge, the Pro carries you 10 miles using its Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery.

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