Marion mom recycles old steel tanks into arty fire pits

Marion mom recycles old steel tanks into arty fire pits 1

You don’t need to inhabit unseen planets to kick-start your creativity. Inspiration is always all around you, so long as you have the insight to recognize it. For Joy Horstmann, a Marion resident, the creative journey of manufacturing fire pits begun with her intent to put old tanks from her husband Carl’s company to better use.  While her husband provided her with the basic spark, the inspiration issued from her son’s desire to have a fire pit for him.

After putting a smile on her son’s face, Horstmann decided to turn her pastime into a profitable profession. So, for the last two years, she had been busy designing the fire pits, finding clients for the produce and gathering enough experience to sustain her eco venture.

Aside from using old tank heads from Carl’s company, Horstmann utilizes carbon steel to create her masterpieces. The process of creating fire pits involves cutting out the designs using plasma cutters, sandblasting the new pits and leaving them outside so that they develop a rusty patina over time.

Priced at approx. $1,000, the sturdy Fancy Fire Pits promise to serve you a lifetime. If you can’t resist the temptation of laying your hands on one, visit Anthi Frangiadis Associates at 11 Spring Street, Marion, to choose your preferred fire pit.

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