Is Switching To Solar Energy A Good Idea? Pros & Cons You Should Look Out For

Is Switching To Solar Energy A Good Idea

The world is thinking futuristic. Sustainability is the need of the hour. The stakeholders of the world are looking for an alternative source of energy. Converting to solar energy could be one of the options for humanity. Humanity is taking strides toward attaining self-sufficiency. They are banking on solar energy.

For instance, around 40% of the new energy generation in the USA is solar energy. Therefore, looking at the increased needs, the stakeholders in the USA would be required to quadruple energy production by the next ten years.

Have you decided to transform entirely to solar energy? It could and could not be a great idea for you. Like every other thing on earth, solar energy has its pros and cons. Let’s try to understand solar energy pros and cons. 

Pros And Cons Of Solar Energy

Professional worker installing solar panels Traditional energy is fast depleting, and therefore the world has, is constrained to go for some alternative energy source. Special mention needs to be made of the federal state credits of 26%.

It has made solar panels much cheaper. Looking at the government’s initiative, the stakeholders, like the private players and the household, have planned massive investments to bring in the new green technology. As a result, everything is in good shape.

There is some question about solar technology. Along with the benefits, there are the demits. Let us study and understand them here in this section.

The Pros Of Solar Energy

There are a great many advantages that you have with solar energy. So let’s first discuss their advantages here in this section.

1. Renewal Source Of Energy

Solar energy is the renewable source of energy that is available in the world. This requires mentioning that alternative energy sources exist, but the availability is economically not feasible.

Solar energy is a proven power source, and they have been used for almost sixty-five years. It is a permanent source of energy. Humanity can leverage solar energy for the upcoming five million years. Therefore, solar energy wins the close battle against other energy sources.

2. Reduction Of Electricity Bills

The best thing that you have here is reduced electricity bills. However, as mentioned above, thermal electricity prices are increasing in leaps and bounds. Under these circumstances running a household and business turns out to be a challenge.

Solar energy can save quite a lot on electricity bills. It doesn’t end here. Yes, your initial investment may prove to be hard on your pockets. But there is no doubt that electricity bills with solar energy can be free at certain periods of time!

3. Modern Solar Systems Work In Difficult Weather Conditions

With the evolution of technology, modern solar panels can work to reduce electricity bills. Companies are carrying out constant research and development. The efficiency of high-quality solar panels was around 22%.

But with new technology, they have increased to around 46%. So this brings in further development in the study. Moreover, the average shelf life of solar cells is around 25 to 30 years. So you are also getting longevity.

4. Low Maintenance Cost

Solar energy systems do not require a lot of maintenance. The only thing that you can manage to do is keep them well-maintained. This can help you with your investment. However, it is possible that you are not able to maintain it all alone.

In that case, you can call out a specialized cleaning service with a change of around 25-35 British points. Moreover, when you buy these panels, especially from reliable companies, you can get attractive offers of a 20-25 year warranty.


woman count dollar bills

Alongside the heap of advantages, you also have disadvantages with solar energy. Let’s discuss them all here so that you understand things better.

1. Standard Solar Systems Do Not Work At Night

The problem that you have with solar energy is that most standardized solar systems do not work at night. Therefore you need to have a lithium-ion storage system to store the sunlight. If you completely convert into a solar system, things can really be tough for you to manage, especially during the nighttime.

2. Cost

Cost is unquestionably an issue with solar panels. In general, these solar panels are extremely expensive, and they are fairly difficult to buy. The government is trying different ways, like tax cuts, so that it motivates people to buy solar panels.

But notwithstanding the efforts, the cost remains on the higher side, and procurement becomes difficult.

3. Weather Dependent

You have installed solar panels. That’s really smart, but you need to understand that solar energy panels require good sunshine. Lack of sun rays, especially during the winter and rainy days, make solar systems quite ineffective.

You will find that you are not getting the expected power with the help of your solar system. Therefore completely changing to solar becomes quite difficult during the winter time.

4. Solar Energy Storage Is Expensive

If you are using solar energy during the daytime, that’s okay. But if you intend to store the energy, it is difficult. Solar energy can be stored in large batteries. These batteries work to store energy during the day. However, they are used at night.

But the problem with solar systems is that they are quite expensive, to say the least. So this is a massive disadvantage that you have with the solar system.

What Else?

Apart from these disadvantages mentioned above, there are some others too. For example, these solar panels eat up a lot of your space. Therefore, they become difficult to manage. Not only that, they are associated with pollution.

Moreover, tons of solar panels turn out to become unused because they end their shelf life. So one can say that those solar cells have advantages as well as disadvantages. But notwithstanding the disadvantage, it can not be denied that they are the technology of the future, and therefore, one needs to go for solar power.

We hope that this article was helpful and you were able to find the answers you were looking for.

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