How To Sustainably Relocate Your Business

How To Sustainably Relocate Your Business

Most of us are concerned about the impact that we have on the environment. If you run a business you need to know that relocating it can be sustainable. Those who know they’re about to move overseas often have a review of global medical insurance, and consider buying or renting an office building. However, it isn’t always clear how to relocate sustainably.

This article will show you how you too can sustainably relocate your business no matter where you’re going.

1. Move As Much As You Can At Once

Whenever you move your equipment from one place to another the vehicles you use create greenhouse gases.

Try to take the least amount of trips possible by packing your equipment in larger trucks.

If you have to travel between old and new locations try to keep just the essentials in your old location. This will ensure you won’t have to transport quite as much when you leave your old location for good.

In addition to this, having only the essentials with you means your energy usage will be reduced. This can help to offset any energy you use during the move.

2. Always Use Green Packing Materials

Do what you can to use green packing materials. Ideally, you will use:

  • Packing materials that can be composted later
  • Packing materials that can be reused
  • Packing materials that can be recycled
  • Packing materials that people have donated
  • Unwanted packing materials that you and your colleagues have at home
  • Unwanted packing materials that other businesses may have in stock

If you need to use pallets and crates to store and move your items try to use those which have been used before. As long as they are in good condition they should be fine to use during your move.

Locate green groups and businesses may be able to provide you with pallets and crates. The close they are to your current location, the better it could be for the environment.

3. Opt For A Green Moving Company

There are many moving companies out there that operate as green as possible.

You may have to pay a little more to use a green company. However, you’ll be doing your bit for the environment so it could be worth the cost.

Most green moving companies will have many ways of ensuring every trip produces the least amount of emissions.

When you use a green moving company in addition to your own green methods you make a difference.

4. Travel To Your New Site With A Full Load

If you have to travel to your new site during the moving process you can help the environment. Consider taking some equipment with you in your vehicle. When you do, you’re less likely to have a negative impact on the environment.

If you’re visiting the site anyway, it makes sense to take a load of equipment with you. When you take something each time it could ensure you need a smaller moving truck. Just make sure you don’t overfill your car as doing so could cost you even more fuel.

5. Recycle As Much As Possible

Once the move is over, recycle as much of your packing material as you can.

If you have no use for the material ask around. Someone else may want it.

Ask people who you work with whether they would like some packing material.

If no one you work with wants the material, ask on social media.

Those who are about to move house may appreciate some packing materials.

There may not be anyone who wishes to use the packing materials any time soon.

Don’t worry, you can always recycle them as part of your office waste.

6. Dispose Of Electronics Carefully

Depending on where your business is relocating to, you may have to abide by specific laws. These laws can come into play when you want to dispose of electronics.

Some groups and organizations will repurpose or recycle your unwanted electronics.

Make sure you know what the local laws are. If there aren’t any, you could still be able to dispose of your electronics in an environmentally-friendly way.

7. Install Energy-Efficient Lights

Before you move into your new location consider installing energy-efficient lights. While doing so may not help reduce emissions during the move, it can set a good precedent.

Switching the lights on as you enter your new building will help you to reduce your environmental impact.

It is possible for you to sustainably relocate your business. When you do, you’re less likely to have a negative impact on the environment. As a result, you can tell your clients that your move was as environmentally-friendly as possible.

Use the above tips to help you to sustainably relocate your business. Your move does not need to have a negative impact on the environment.

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