10 – Interesting Human-Powered Gadgets That Show Innovation Still Rules

No matter whether you are talking about gadgets working on solar energy or wind energy, one thing is clear. Although these gadgets are greener than the rest, but you cannot say that they are completely environment-friendly. In fact, the technology that we use in such gadgets isn’t as inexpensive and eco-friendly as we would want them to be. While scientists are working on making the same more environment and budget friendly, we need to look for some alternatives. There are, nevertheless, certain alternatives, which you can call 100% eco-friendly. The only thing you need is to put in a little bit of personal effort.

10 – Interesting Human-Powered Gadgets

With the search for renewable energy sources going strong each day, human-powered gadgets manage to gain much-deserved attention and appreciation. However, such products are no new thing, as they were there in use prior to the advent of electromechanical motors.

Human-powered gadgets have come to the fore once again to fulfill the growing need of renewable energy powered products. Here are some of the most amazing human-powered gadgets and innovations that will leave you stunned.

1. Pedal-powered submarine

Image Source : WordLessTech

The Scubster is a pedal powered green submarine that is made of lightweight carbon fiber. Measuring 13.78 feet, the beautiful yellow single seater submarine is completely pedal powered. Diligently designed by Minh-Loc Truong and built by Stephane Rousson and a team of University engineers, it has the capacity to reach a top speed of 10kph.

2. nPower PEG

Gadget running out of battery and the inability to charge it is certainly one of the most annoying feelings.Tremont Electric in its efforts to help such people created the nPower PEG, which is an eco-friendly personal power generator. Designed to be carried along in a bag while one walks or run, the device harnesses kinetic energy produced by the movement. The energy produced can be later used to charge mobile devices ranging from cell phones, MP3 players to cameras on the go.

3. Recharge sleeping bag

Going out on adventure trips and having mobile devices charged all the time is now possible with a sleeping bag released by the British telecommunications company Vodafone. With the help of Recharge sleeping bag, people can use their own body heat to charge gadgets. Its thermo electric fabrics convert body heat into electricity that can be used to charge devices of one’s choice.

4. Reactor iPhone case

Circumstances like no access to a power outlet make people carry dead phones along. Reactor iPhone  case is a superb invention that enables its owners to deal with such unpleasant situations. It is the first integrated generator and battery case that allows people to power their phone no matter where they are. Its ultra thin generator enables people to charge iPhone manually and one can produce more power by using the hand crank.

5. Kinetic energy floors

Image Source : Energy-Floors.Com

Dancing is a good hobby and it can also enable you to contribute towards clean energy generation. With the help of sustainable dance floors, people can help generate electricity with their dance moves. Using human movement as an energy source, these floors can be installed in discotheques. As dancers dance on the floor, each modular tile creates energy with its individual generator and stores it. The collected energy can be later used to power sound systems, LED lights and other devices.

6. Rocking Knit chair

Lausanne Damien Ludi and Colin Peillex, students at the ECAL University of Art and Design created the Rocking Knit chair. Having a close resemblance to a glider chair and a porch swing, it offers a comfortable seating. As you sit on the Rocking Knit chair, it goes to and fro and starts to knit a winter cap just above your head. Your movement makes the machinery draw yarn up from the spool that is there beneath your seat. It isn’t clear as to how much time you need to spend on the chair to produce a cap.

7. Foot-powered washing machine

Designed to use minimal water and no electricity, Drumi is a foot-powered washing machine. It is a small, compact and portable design that you can carry along to your camping trips. It only takes five to ten minutes per load and consumes 80% less water. 

8. Pedal powered un-knitting machine

A London-based product and furniture designer Imogen Hedges has come up with an un-knitting machine that relies on human power alone to unravel sweaters. The bicycle-inspired machine helps users recycle unwanted woolen clothes with extreme ease. Hailed as one of the best student design projects of 2012 at the National Center for Craft and Design’s Celebrating the Class of 2012 exhibition, the Kingston University student’s pedal-powered machine is built around an old bicycle frame.

The un-knitter needs to sit on a chair and pedal to allow the wool to pass through steam coming out of a kettle. Wool, when passed through steam, softens and then, can be collected on a spindle.

9. Pedal-powered Xzecle Rider

We cannot deny the unconcern that we show toward our senior population who need our support, affection and respect. Rather than faking concern, some sensible souls prefer devising genuine ways to transform their lives or make it more adventurous than otherwise. Student designer Johnathan Siew Jun Howe from Temasek Polytechnic Singapore has designed a recumbent snow mobile that helps the active elderly riders hit snow-covered slopes in style. The pedal powered cum motorized contraption allows seniors to feel secure and special as they go down the slopes.

Dubbed as Xzecle Rider, the recumbent snow mobile comes equipped with a pair of fly-by-wire toggle handles to assist safe steering on slippery surfaces. As you can see in above image, the seat backrest can be lowered to allow a rider to enter through the back of the mobile. The recumbent posture further helps maintain stability with its low center of gravity. It flaunts three spoke less wheels: one small steering wheel in front and two rear ones.

Aside from being a perfect commuting medium, the snow mobile also doubles as a personal explorer or hiker. Hence, the Xzecle Rider encourages them to explore undulating terrains while being sheltered within a protective cocoon.

10. Pedal enabled Cyclophone

Mundane procedures are boring, but unavoidable. Adding music to them could improve people’s lives, especially if the procedure is as healthy as morning exercises. Despite the fact that most people would like to express themselves through music, but learning to play an instrument takes too long. The purpose of the Cyclophone project is to produce a new type of instrument that would allow users to create their harmonies easily, but with an extra function instead. Anyone can play this instrument without having to learn any basics whatsoever.

Created by Russian industrial designer Aerosanya, the Cyclophone offers readymade harmony, which allows players to produce music with no chances of making a mistake. The full-scale working prototype doesn’t distract one from doing exercise. Moreover, presence of handy handles allows for tuning and a recognizable spinning action. Other features include a simpler connection between pedals and the trigger wheel, a built-in chair, adjustable heights and distances, different sound sources to provide an orchestral feeling and thin metal string holders to include up to 50 tones in pentatonic scale.

Human-powered gadgets can be amazing. Harnessing human movement, they produce clean energy and allow humans to do without conventional energy.

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