8 Eco friendly winter activities you can do as a family

Have the recycled crafting party

Winters come with two things. First, you get vacations and you have time to kill. Second, it is so cold outside that you don’t want to do anything. To combat this, you can do one of two things. Either you can stay home and watch films, or you can find indulge yourself in some sort of winter activity. However, during winters for even staying alive you are forced to have a high carbon footprint. So, when you are doing some sort of outdoor activity, it is obvious that it would multiply your already carbon footprint even further. In a situation like this, if you are an eco-conscious person, you would definitely want to know about eco-friendly winter activities you can do as a family.

8 Eco-friendly winter activities you can do as a family

In many parts of the country, winters can be extremely harsh and cold. In such conditions, the kids suffer the most and the weather even takes a toll on the usual family life of people. But family is an important instrument when it comes to mental peace and good life so you must still find means to bond as a family. So in this article, we will be telling you about some eco-friendly winter activities with family. This will help you deal better with the harsh and cold winters and also enjoy with kids.  What more, after all, is more rewarding than a good time with the family!

Some eco-friendly winter activities with family

1. Arrange a nature scavenger hunt for the kids:
Arrange a nature scavenger hunt for the kids

Your kids would greatly enjoy the thrill of being able to hunt for things covered in snow. This would be a great activity for the kids to indulge in to keep them busy and occupied. You can make a list of things that would be moderately hard to find hidden under the snow like twigs leaves or berries. They can try finding all of that and many more in the backyard. Just make sure that in such an outdoor activity in harsh weather conditions, your child is well protected against the cold and is wearing gloves to prevent a frostbite. If well executed this can be a really fun activity among eco-friendly winter activities with family.

2. Try geocaching:

This is an activity where you can take the help of navigation devices like the GPS and indulge in a sort of treasure hunt. Now the game of treasure hunt has left millions of children amused over the years and you can be sure your child would love this activity. To make matters more lucrative you can make the prize something that your child absolutely craves for. Geocaching is among the best eco-friendly winter activities with the family since the snow cover makes finding things all the more difficult. We can stand guarantee that you would enjoy this activity as much as your kids and it would make for complete family time and blissful togetherness.

3. Try growing an organic garden:Try growing an organic garden

Your kids do need to learn the importance and goodness of organic food. Winters can be a good time to instill the interest and curiosity about growing such food by planning an indoor organic garden. Since the main garden is more likely to be covered in snow, you could try growing some plants in pots and pick plants that can survive in cold climates. The journey from a seed to a fully mature plant would be a huge lesson for your child and also amaze him about nature. And remember that spring is around the corners and soon you can shift this plant to grow better in your gardens outside.

4. Enjoy a sleepover at the museum:

This clearly stands among the coolest of all sustainable autumn fun ideas. Many museums have the system where they do allow children to spend the night there during special occasions. The cold winters are just the right time to make sure that you enjoy with kids in such an event. You can even have them all dressed up as some historic character to enhance the fun involved. They would learn while having fun and what more could you possibly ask for from the eco-friendly winter activities with family.

5. Have the recycled crafting party:Have the recycled crafting party

If you want to have eco-conscious children, it is important that you teach them the essence of recycling. This fun activity is just the right beginning. This is important among the several eco-friendly winter activities with family because of the simple reason that it imparts a valuable lesson. Teach them the art of making useful things from all that have been disposed of. From milk cartons to plastic waste, let them think out innovative ideas on how to recycle them. Keep the rewards lucrative enough to keep your children engaged in this recycling game.

6. The winter walk to remember:

You have all the wisdom to appreciate the changes that our lives and the world go through but the child does not. The winters are just the right time to impart some wisdom to the children. Take them for a walk around the neighborhood and have a pen and a journal handy. Let them make notes of all subtle that they can notice from the other times of the year, let them learn to appreciate all the changing forms of nature, and let them witness change first hand. This is surely among the most rewarding eco-friendly winter activities with family if done correctly.

7. Have a game night every night:
Have a game night every night

The nights are the coldest and often going out is not even an option in many parts of the world. Try to have a game night at home instead with you entire family participating. The win or loss wouldn’t matter but the good family times would be a world of difference in your lives. From board games to other fun games like the dumb charade you literally pick anything to keep your family engaged. While speaking of eco-friendly winter activities with family, the game night would probably be the most fun filled as an activity for your children.

8. Indulge in DIYs:

From paper decors to other such art and crafts, the winters can be a great time to enhance the artistic skills of your children and also keep them engaged. These would add to the decorations in the house and also by the time the winter would have ended they would find themselves with decent artistic skills.


Final words

In the world that your kids are going to grow up in, it is important that you have eco-conscious children. The sustainable autumn fun ideas that we spoke off can be a great way to instill the love for the environment and nature in your kids apart from having a gala family time. The cold months will no longer be torturous with these activities to be tried.

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