Top 10 Natural Pest Control Tips

Natural Pest Control Tips

If you are looking for the best natural pest control tips, we will provide you with the following ten that will be helpful. Before we do, let’s talk about the environmental impacts as well as the health effects related to pesticides commonly used in pest control.

Environmental Impact of Pesticides

Pesticides are known for containing chemicals that may be considered harmful to the environment. Specifically, the pesticides are known for contaminating water, soil, vegetation, and other aspects of the environment.

Even though pesticides were supposedly made for the best intentions, it has a downside that can also harm and even kill plants and animals. Those affected include fish, birds, insects proven to be beneficial to the environment, and many unintended plants.

Health Risks Associated with Pesticide Exposure

For humans, pesticides can also be toxic. There are various health risks that are associated with this kind of exposure including but are not limiting to:

  • Headaches
  • Seizures
  • Vomiting
  • Asthma
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Muscle weakness
  • Reduced fertility
  • Increased cancer risk

Keep in mind that you may not experience all of the mentioned symptoms above. However, you are now aware of the short-term and long-term health effects you may experience due to prolonged pesticide exposure.

That’s why you want to consider other options prior to controlling pest infestations in your home where expert pest control company help you a lot. If you do not want to deal with chemicals associated with pesticides, there are different alternatives. These include natural alternatives that are not harmful to your health and the environment.

Top Ten Natural Pest Control Remedies

1.    Mint

Mint has that signature odor. Humans love it. But many pests like ants will absolutely hate it.

Use mint tea bags close to your garbage cans and strategically place them throughout your kitchen. It’s the perfect way to use mint.

2.    Coffee Grounds

Next time you brew your coffee, don’t throw away the coffee filter. Take the filter of used grounds and place it in parts of your house where pests are present. Coffee grounds are known to be an instant killer of ants.

3.    Hot peppers

Spicy for humans. But even worse for pests. You will need to mix hot pepper flakes (at least 3 tbsp) with a gallon of water.

Once mixed, add it to a frying pan and let it sit for 15 minutes (or completely simmered). Let the mixture sit for a whole day. Mix with dish soap and add the solution to your plants.

4.    Cloves

Cloves are great whenever you want to put together the perfect rodent repellent. You can use real cloves or make clove oil. Either way, apply the cloves or the spray in areas where rodents tend to frequent outdoors.

5.    Beer

Sure, beer is good to drink. However, it can be great for getting rid of many pests. Take a bottle or can of beer and place it on a small ramp.

Then, you want to apply petroleum jelly on the edges of the container. Here comes the fun part, when the pests get attracted to the smell of beer, they’ll try and access the container.

Only to be stopped by the petroleum jelly. The thickness of the texture will stop them dead in their tracks.

6.    Apple Cider Vinegar

Got fruit flies flying around? Apple cider vinegar is the perfect natural pest control remedy to get rid of them. Add apple cider vinegar in a bottle or dish.

It will attract the fruit flies and they will never leave once they get in the container. Problem solved. Alternatively, wine would be the perfect alternative for fruit flies.

7.    Cornmeal

Another ant killer is none other than cornmeal. What you’ll need to do is place it in areas where ants can access your home. Once the ants eat the cornmeal, they’re done for.

The reason for this, ants don’t have the ability to digest cornmeal. So effectively, you’re starting them to death. They will die within a week after eating it.

8.    Cinnamon

Cinnamon is another scent that is pleasant to humans, and terrible to insects. Especially spiders, flies, and ants. It’s so strong, the pest will stay far away from it. Just sprinkle cinnamon in the areas where ants and spiders will hang out.

9.    Cucumber

Cucumber is great for keeping ants away. Cut up some slices and strategically place them in cracks or crevices of your wall or floors. Ants will hate cucumbers and not go beyond any point of your home.

10.   Lavender


We saved the best for last. Lavender is one of the best when it comes to insect repellent. Spray any essential oil or sprinkle dried lavender in high traffic pest areas. The smell will drive them away, hopefully for good.


We hope that these ten natural pest control remedies help you out. Chemical pesticides can pose environmental and health risks. For this reason, you may want to consider these natural remedies so you can be able to protect the environment around your home and your own health.

Your pets and members of your household will not be affected either. Put any of these remedies to good use depending on the pests infesting your home and watch them work.

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