How to Encourage Recycling in Your Community


There are numerous benefits of recycling. This simple practice can aid in keeping public areas clean, improving the environment by reducing the amount of waste we are putting in our landfills, and encouraging companies to use recycled material during their processes of product manufacture and packaging.


Even though recycling seems so simple, the reality is that there are still so many individuals and families who do not take part in this practice. Many a times, it’s out of convenience. If you need to get rid of something and have a trash can around but not a recycling bin, it’s simply easier to just go ahead and throw it away. Even students don’t know much about the proper ways of recycling nowadays, which is quite evident from how they seek help to write their research papers on recycling. If you have no idea how to write an essay about recycling and you need professional essay writing assistance, address to get your custom-written paper online. Additionally, it can be even more difficult to encourage recycling in an apartment community. With tenants having busy lives, taking the extra step to recycle often goes on the back burner.

The bad news is that recycling rates in apartment communities are often pretty low. The good news is that there is plenty of room for improvement! Following are a few tips to encourage recycling in your community.

Promote Awareness About Recycling

recyclingIf an individual grew up in a home where recycling was not a common habit, the odds are pretty good that they simply don’t think about recycling on a regular basis. If someone has been throwing away their cardboard boxes for years, why would they all of a sudden change their habits to recycle? Another reason that many people do not recycle at all or as much as they should is because they don’t know what types of items can be recycled. When faced with this uncertainty, the easy way out can be to throw everything in the trash.

To help encourage more recycling in your community, one of the initial steps should be to promote awareness. This can be accomplished by creating a simple flyer to distribute to all apartment tenants. You can also put up posters in common areas around the community. Make it something visually interesting and creative so that people will want to read it. Let them know how and where they can recycle, and provide a list of commonly recycled items. Lastly, you can also work with your apartment management company to see if they are willing to assist with efforts.

Make It Easy for Tenants to Recycle

recycle conceptPeople have so many things going on these days. Realistically, the only way that someone is going to add recycling to their list is if it is easy. If the funds are available, provide each tenant with a recycling bin that they can put out for collection. Another option would be to put large recycling bins in areas that are easy and convenient for community members to access.

With a little education and effort, recycling participation in your community can be improved.

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