Generador Eólico: Concept wind energy generator for campers on the move

Generador Eólico concept wind energy generator for campers on the move

Designed by Argentine industrial designer Agustin Arrachea, Generador Eólico is a concept portable generator that generates usable wind power by using the speed of vehicle it’s mounted on. As the wind generator keeps generating and storing renewable wind energy during the trip, it may prove to be a practical portable power solution for campers on the move.

The system comes equipped with a rotor to generate energy. A multiple speed transmission system works in tandem with a speed limiter brake to prevent damage to the circuit. Generador Eólico also features a locking system to manage the flow of wind in two modes. The generator blades remain parallel to the direction of wind in the first mode, while in the other mode, blades rotate freely on its axis to ensure fullest wind energy harvesting.

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