Gadgets that can dramatically cut down your carbon footprint

While many people are going green, it is one-step towards protecting the environment. Protecting the environment means making less use of the products that harmfully affect the environment. Recycling is a great way to save the environment. One thing that highly contributes to global warming is increasing carbon footprint.

With the increasing use of electricity and objects that use fossil fuel, level of carbon footprint is increasing, which is not good for our environment. For making a healthy and safer environment, it is essential to reduce the effect of carbon footprint. Many gadgets launched in the market are ready to help people reduce harmful effect of high carbon footprint on our environment. Some of them that are contributing in reducing the effect of carbon footprint are here.

Water powered water clock

Water powered water clock 1

As most of the gadgets consume a lot of battery to work properly, some green gadgets makes it easy for us to reduce the level of carbon footprint. As the clock is completely water based, it does not harm environment. Easy to use, the watch just needs the regular water to work. Just open the cap and pour in some water until the water completely fills the clock. Close the lid and let the clock do its work thereafter. Using this clock, people are going to help saving the environment form the harmful effects of the batteries.

USB cell batteries

USB cell batteries 2

Thousands of batteries become total waste after each use and thrown away that affects the environment. Chemicals present inside the battery affects the environment badly, when thrown away. Reducing this affect is essential to lower the level of carbon footprint. USB cell batteries are perfect help for lowering the effect of high carbon footprint.

Unlike every other battery, there is no need to throw it away. When the battery power ends, just attach it to the computer or laptop for recharging. Just remove the cap and connect it to the device for charging. Using these batteries, one can contribute in making the environment better and safer.

Solar powered laptop bag

Solar powered laptop bag

People often worry about discharging batteries of their laptops and mobile phones. With the continuous use of these things, one needs to charge them repeatedly. Continuous charging for hours wastes a lot of power. There is a need to use such a product that can minimize the charging of these gadgets. Solar powered laptop bag is one such gadget that minimizes the use of chargers. For charging this laptop bag, you just need to keep it in sunlight for a whole day. Using this bag, you cannot only charge the laptop but also the phones and MP3 players. With the help for cycled bottles, the fabric of the bag is created that allows the solar charging of the laptops and other devices.

Eco friendly charger

Eco friendly charger

While using many apps and games on the phone, we often suffer from the draining batteries. For charging them, one needs to plug in a charger that for charging it again. Sometimes after long hours of charging, we forget to unplug the charger that eats a lot of power. With the help of this eco friendly charger, we do not have to worry about the overcharging, as it automatically shuts down when the battery is full. Eco friendly charger thus saves a lot of power and thus reduces the wastage of power.

With the emerging need of reducing the effect of carbon footprint, we need to use the gadgets that have minimum or no effect on the environment. With the availability of so many green gadgets, it is easy to reduce the effect of carbon footprint on the environment and thus fostering a better and safe planet.

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