Five innovative shipping container homes for green living

A few years ago, the idea of living in a box measuring just 20 feet by 8 feet would have been frowned upon. Not today though! For more and more people are turning towards what is being called ‘green architecture’! In addition, one of the latest fads in this segment pertains to living in giant recycled shipping containers that are creatively transformed into astounding pieces of reusable architecture. In addition to being inexpensive, these containers are easily available (almost 300 million empty containers all around the world) and can be used in a variety of indigenous ways. They can be stacked one above the other, can be lined together or can even be placed haphazardly over one another like toy bricks to give off an innovative feel. So if you are seriously considering the prospect of opting for shipping containers to build your new home, here are some fantastic designs you can draw inspiration from!


Redondo Beach House by DeMaria Design

Located on the shores of the Manhattan Beach in California, the Redondo Beach House is made up of eight shipping containers and has 20-foot ceilings (one of the perks of a shipping container) in addition to an outdoor pool. Spacious and cozy, the house’s aesthetic design and interiors have earned it several architectural awards. The Redondo Beach House was also featured in CNN and is definitely one of those houses that definitely don’t look as if they have been made of recycled shipping containers.

Mobile Dwelling Unit by LOT-EK

The unique feature of this particular shipping container home in New York is that in spite of being made of just one shipping container measuring 40 feet by 8 feet, the house looks anything but claustrophobic.

The reason? LOT-EK has creatively created pop out extensions that literally make the walls of this home move backward whenever more space is needed. With all its extensions in full view (including a bed, sofa, desk, kitchen, reading corner, storage area and a bathroom) the house would look like an oversized accordion. And when it’s time to hit the road again, the extensions move back into their allotted slots, reducing the container to its original size. Now how’s that for creativity?


Container House by Leger Wanaselja Architects

What’s more surprising than a home built out of reused shipping containers? Walk into the Container House in Bay Area, Berkeley, California to find out. The designers of this particular shipping container home took the meaning of ‘green architecture’ to a whole new level altogether! What greet you in this 1350 square foot home made out of 3 refrigerated containers are bamboo floorings, wool carpeting, green bells, whistles and energy efficient appliances (EnergyStar). Simple and really eco-friendly! There is absolutely no way you can tell the house is made from recycled shipping containers.

M2ATK’s Container House by M2ATK:

Located in Mexico, the container house by this Mexican designer is custom designed (the owner has good taste we tell you) and looks really hip.The house itself serves the purpose of being the perfect place to work, sleep and live. Made up of three containers stacked one above the other, the modernist home houses a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, individual climate control system and all the other perks of a conventional lifestyle within its walls.


The Ecopod by

This stylish abode is actually a recreational retreat that can actually be moved around wherever you want. The house is made of a single container, which uses recycled rubber for its flooring and a soy-based insulation. The container also houses a paned window that is controlled by an electric winch. The winch uses solar power to open and close the window. Better yet, the window can also be lowered to form a deck for outdoor lounging. Cool, don’t you think?

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