Eco-artist creates amazing art from discarded magazine rolls

A comparatively fresher form of art than the other time-honored art forms, recycled art has its own charm and appeal. Aside from rejuvenating discarded stuff, recycled art helps spectators have a greater insight into the aesthetic side of superfluous things. Ohio-based artist Kathy Carney has transformed old magazine rolls into something more beautiful and appealing.

The eco-artist was simply amazed by various colors of magazine covers which she could morph into stunning art installations. She did exactly that by starting her design quest with abstract shapes and colors and later, she moved on to black and white. She loves creating images within images from magazines. Agreed that her art may not appear to be that extraordinary to those who don’t have flare for recycled art; however, the cause that her art stands for is extraordinary and commendable for sure.

Have a look at some commendable artworks created by Kathy Carney:

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