EarthWallet: Earth-friendly bamboo wallet doubles as a bottle opener

EarthWallet Earth-friendly bamboo wallet

Aside from adopting recycling as the mantra to revive our planet’s health, we can contribute more toward sustainability by using products made from eco-friendly materials. How would you like the idea of having a product that combines both of aforementioned eco-requisites? Hoping to get enough backers at Kickstarter to hit production line soon, the EarthWallet bamboo wallet is one such eco product you’ll love to lay your hands on for sure.

Made from 100 percent bamboo plywood, the EarthWallet is perfectly customizable with a recycled bike inner tube band or a stainless steel money clip. While the tube band serves as a cardholder that easily holds eight cards and five US bill, the stainless steel clip helps you keep those currency notes in perfect safety. What makes it more usable is its ability to double as a convenient, permanent bottle opener.

Folks at EarthWallet have planned to manufacture these wallets in Los Angeles once the campaign reaches its goal of raising $10,000.

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