TORCIBAKKO: Concept lamp inspired by discarded irrigational tools

TORCIBAKKO concept lamp

Conceived by Beltrame Mattia and Marco Rossettini, who are currently pursuing their Masters in Creative Design at the Italian School of Design (SID), the TORCIBAKKO is a concept lighting solution that doubles as an interior decoration item as well. According to designers, the concept interior lamp has 80 percent of it made from recycled materials, which include three recycled hoses and a metal sprinkler.

Designed for final year exhibition at the Educational Department of PST, Padua, Italy, the lamp aimed to attest the need for recycling besides informing people about recyclable stuff. Also dubbed as Riciclando (recycling), the concept lighting solution takes its design inspiration from irrigational devices. While three recycled hoses serve as outlets for lamp, the metal sprinkler works as its support.

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