DIYer morphs discarded television into a fish tank

DIYer morphs discarded television into a fish tank 1

While you may not find the above-pictured contraption fit for allowing your fish to dwell in, it still speaks much about the green intent of the recycler. McCaulsey, through his sheer imagination and creativity, transformed a discarded television into a cool aquarium.

For creating his groovy, nice fish tank (?), he picked up an aquarium from the pet store and fitted it inside the television after removing the electrical components out of it. Next, he used his drill and a 1/4″ paddle bit to fashion the plastic fins. The tank features a backer for providing it an aquatic look, an underwater image for creating a natural look and pieces of Styrofoam to form its base.

Finally, what he comes up with is a CRT television aquarium, which looks decent enough to deserve a fleeting glance for sure.

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