Creative Bike Stands That Deserve To Hit Production Lines Soon

Bike stands have become common in cities where the problem of street congestion is inevitable. The use of bike stand has become necessary to save parking space and protection against thefts. There are many conceptual bike stand designs emerging that have brilliant ideas behind them. These conceptual bike stands focus on saving space in a smart way while providing high security to the bikes.

Pull-Out bike rack

Hong Sung Min, Lee Jong Pil KimDu Su, Jern Jae Yang, introduces the concept of this bike rack that will have a design to fit on a wall.This concept of wall-hanger bike rack will be user-friendly and efficient in saving space. It will also afford protection against theft along with easy parking facility. The working of this bike stand is simple and convenient.

Marguerite bike rack

The design of Marguerite bike rack has aimed at creating a rack, which includes a touch of color to shine in the boring background.Marguerite bike rack has flower shaped petals that can move to allow easy parking of bike. It is a lightweight and portal bike rack, which inspires its design from nature.The company had displayed its first prototype in Valencia (Spain) and had received positive reviews.

Bicycle Fence

Bicycle Fence is a concept developed by Hyupsung University students and is a 2013iF design award winner. The idea behind this design is to utilize the neat metal fence that most sidewalks have. It integrates slots in such a way that they can act as a secure parking option for bicycles. It is amazing concepts that take care of parking, fences at the same time and is a two-in-one solution.

Atlas’ no-lock anti-theft bike stand

It is a concept by Atlas by which the bike riders can lock their bikes without using any external chains and locks. The bike stand consists of bars, which rotate around the circumference of the wheel and each bar can swivel around one end. To secure the bike,there are two bars in the bike stand, which user should rotate in such a way that they align themselves with the wheels of the bike. The bars will then extend out around the bike’s frame and wheel and then snap back in its place to secure the bike. A Smartphone, credit card or smart card can be use for unlocking bikes.

Andre Moreira Dias’s 45 BiCi

45 BiCi is a concept developed by Andre Moreira Dias,keeping in mind the congestion problem in urban areas.This bike stand is capable of bending to 45-degree angle and saves a lot of space while parking the bike. It is unobtrusive on the sidewalk and makes a clear a path for pedestrians. This bike stand comes handy in those countries where cycles are predominantly used.


Subinay Malhotra’s concept of CYBLE is an interactive bike stand, having an ergonomic shape and aesthetic design. Its looks are different from other bike stands and it works playfully with its surroundings. The CYBLE can hold multiple bikes and consumes a little space.People can park their bikes easily and in a smart spacing way by using this bike stand. The construction material of this bike stand is Galvanized steel, which is durable. The main parts of the CYBLE includesteel support joints, connecting stems and LED lights

These conceptual bikes stands will bring a bright solution for parking bikes in congested areas. The smart features such as multiple parking, smart locking and hassle-free use provided by these bike racks will allow the users to have a more enhanced experience in parking their bikes.

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