5 Eco-friendly tips for a healthy urban lifestyle

Commuting by bicycle

When living in the countryside, you are eco-friendly by default. You live with nature, you breathe fresh air, and you stay away from modern evils like consumerism. But, while living in the city, all these become difficult to achieve. You are forced by your surroundings to live a lifestyle that’s not just non-eco friendly but unhealthy too.

There are, nevertheless, ways by which you can easily tilt the balance. All you need is just five simple habits to make your urban lifestyle as sustainable as if you were living in the countryside.

Eco-friendly tips for a healthy urban lifestyle

 1. Doing Urban Farming

Urban FarmingWith sustainåbility becoming a major topic among the millennials, people are moving more and more towards urban farming. So, starting your own urban farm shouldn’t be a problem, as you’d find all the required materials and tools in the nearest market and as well as online.
Nowadays, it is becoming exceedingly difficult to get chemical-free vegetables in the city. Moreover, the vegetables that go by the name of organic are too costly. They might not even be chemical-free, which is something you can assure with your urban farm. So just make sure that the farm you grow is big enough to meet your daily vegetable needs. It’d be best if you grow your vegetables on your terrace.

2. Organic composting

If you already have an urban farm of your own, composting should be your second step. Rather than throwing away the waste generated by your farm, you should compost it and then use it as manure for the same urban farm. It’d spare you the necessity of buying organic manure and would make sure that you utilize your organic waste in the best way possible.

3. Having Indoor plants

Having Indoor plantsPoor air quality is nothing new in the cities. Sometimes it isn’t just the outdoor air quality that’s bad, but the indoor air quality too. Most of us tend to buy air purifiers to manage that. However, certain indoor plants like Areca Palm, Lady Palm, and Bamboo Palm act as indoor air purifiers. Keeping them inside your house would help you handle indoor air pollution in an eco-friendly way.

4. Commuting by bicycle

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that commuting by bicycle is healthier and more sustainable than commuting by other types of vehicles. In cities where there are a lot of traffic jams, it’s also time-saving. It lets you choose from a wider variety of travel routes, and if your bicycle happens to be a portable one, you can easily switch to public transportation whenever you feel like it. It’s a win-win choice.

 5. Taking natural medicines

natural medicinesThe natural medicines are proven to be effective and most of them have no side effects. Besides, they are also easily available. For example, you can easily grab hold of a THC-free CBD based supplement at a store like Joy Organics. It’d boost your natural immunity and make sure that you stay strong and healthy.

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