5 – Eco-Friendly Gadgets/Products You Should Own This Year

Raw Organic Sunscreen by Raw Elements

For any scenario – upcoming vacation, camping, business, or even just a regular stay at home – we all search for the key necessities. Not only should the supplies be light and simple, but with this day and age, our items should be eco-friendly.

In order to find specific objects of our liking, not to mention saving the planet, here are 5 essential objects that are fun, light, and environmentally friendly for your upcoming journey or even your daily routine.

1.      Water Bottles by Kool8

Kool8 bottleWe always need a refresher when driving to our next stop, or maybe we need to catch a couple of sips before boarding the plane (or perhaps get more pumped up with an energized or caffeinated drink). We all need to have a bottle around the house during a meal or in between chores.

No matter what routine you follow, you are going to need a water bottle. Instead of choosing a product that’s cheap in quality and not sturdy, you always have the option to purchase an affordable, durable, leakproof, stylish, and eco-friendly water bottle.

You can try the Kool8 water bottle: a sleek and modern take on a portable water bottle. With its cool stainless-steel design and industrial strength that prevents any wears or tears, the Kool8 bottle is an inexpensive choice starting at $25.

Even with all of these amazing advantages, the Kool8 bottle takes the cake by contributing to the cause of saving our planet. The company allocates 20% of its profits to the movement of delivering clean water to underprivileged regions in the world.

The Kool8 water bottle is the prime choice for your next refreshment on the go. While you’re drinking, another impoverished person across the globe gets to enjoy the same refreshing moment.

In addition, the Kool8 water bottle was honored with the #1 rank on a list that rated the best water bottles of 2019. The water bottle was credited for its sleek design and variety of color choices, and no downsides were named.

2.      Menstrual Cup – The Diva Cup

Menstrual Cup - The Diva CupAny woman knows how difficult it is to have a period during a vacation; however, the Diva Cup is the best solution to this specific situation.

The Diva Cup is a 100% silicone-based menstrual cup, which is a comfortable alternative to other products for feminine hygiene.

Not only is this item reusable – as it can be cleaned with just soap and water – useful for a solid 10 years while providing for 12 hours of protection, but the Diva Cup is also affordable for its $30 market price.

Unsurprisingly, the qualities of the Diva Cup are garnering popularity for its environmental benefits, as they eliminate the use of plastic in the product.

The Diva Cup is a safer and cheaper alternative, as tampons and pads have certain additives harmful to the body and the competitive products are quite expensive over time, respectively.

With this purchase, you can reduce the number of feminine hygiene products found in oceans and beaches by over 10,000. Comfort and ethics for the environment are both covered.

All in all, the Diva Cup is odor-free, convenient, environmentally-friendly, reusable, affordable, and just overall the right choice offered to women all across the globe.

3.      Toothbrushes by Wowe

Toothbrushes by WoweEvery morning starts with a toothbrush, and an excellent choice would be the Wowe toothbrush. With its soft BPA-free bristles, the toothbrush is substituted with bamboo rather than plastic, aiding to environmental causes.

The bamboo material is just as strong as plastic, and the Wowe toothbrush is the same price as a typical toothbrush at $3. Without plastic and BPA, not only is the product toxin-free, but it is cheap enough to afford it while helping the environment.

A bamboo toothbrush, such as Wowe, protects your teeth and the planet. There are enough Wowe toothbrushes to spread around, as you can buy 4 for less than $12.

As a Wowe toothbrush reduces the amount of existent plastic on Earth, the company gives back by donating 1% of their sales in order to plant trees around the world and provide education.

Take care of your teeth while supporting the mission of aneco-friendlier planet by purchasing the Wowe toothbrushes – a healthier option to conventional toothbrushes for the same prices.

4.      Raw Organic Sunscreen by Raw Elements

Raw Organic Sunscreen by Raw ElementsEvery single person needs to pack certain lotions, creams, and perhaps even medications in reliable containers. Why not find the product that satisfies those needs while also saving the planet?

Introducing the Raw Elements Sunscreen, a full body sunscreen with all natural ingredients. Raw Elements is developed to perform and is water resistant for about 60-80 minutes. Loaded with minerals and vitamins, it is known to continuously protect your skin irrespective of exposure from the environment.

The founder, moreover, has an inspiring mission behind her company that ultimately spreads awareness on environmental problems. Raw Elements Sunscreen, along with other companies, has partnered with eco-friendly organizations to commemorate World Reef Day, which is a day that involves saving the ocean’s coral reefs.

Raw Elements sells a 30+ SPF tube for $18.99 and I’d say it’s well worth the price for the protection of your skin and the environment as a whole.

5.      Cotton Shirts by Screen Print This

Substitute some of your tees for these awesome and stylish shirts that feel and look exactly the same but save the planet at the same time.

These organic cotton t-shirts are soft, great fitted, and absolutely fashionable. When using 100% organic cotton, companies essentially save huge amounts of water and reduce the high level of pesticides and other chemicals used.

This specific company aids to not only the environment but also to your own personal preferences. Utilize the eco-friendly material to custom print a t-shirt for yourself, a

friend, a significant other, family member, or just as a gift.

Consider these amazing options for your travels, or maybe even for your daily lives. Some of these products are as costly as traditional items in stores, except with an additional positive twist – a great environmental cause to strive for.

You won’t even notice the difference when you choose to substitute your daily supplies with these exceptional environmentally friendly products. The major difference will be the decrease of wasting water, more planted trees, and safer and a healthier planet.

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