Eco Ideas

Woman and the solar panel

Whipping up a solar air heater the DIY way

We humans have now realized the importance of energy conservation and now almost everybody puts in efforts to stop wastage ...

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Eco-friendly gift ideas

Eco-friendly gift ideas for this holiday season

Things have changed so drastically that it has added an altogether different dimension to it. The month of December is ...

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eco-friendly party

Get the moves on with eco-friendly party ideas

Parties are meant for enjoyment and at the end of every party, you will find all your guests lying dull ...

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sustainable agriculture

Understanding the basics of sustainable agriculture

The term sustainable has become very popular in today’s world and there are numerous things for which this term is ...

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Eco Fashion

eco-friendly  clothing

Clothing brands that the eco-friendly might reconsider

Fashion labels are meant for the elite and not for the eco-friendly people. Some people will be more conscious of ...

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environmentally friendly makeup

Essentials of an environmentally friendly makeup

Women have a tendency of believing that their beauty is defined by their make-up. Well, there is a little truth ...

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Nicora Johns ecofriendly shoe brand

Shoe brands touched with the eco-friendly wand

If you have already gone green in numerous aspects, now probably it is your turn to go green on shoes. ...

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Skateboard rings_1

Easy on budget jewelry made of recycled products

Be it a chunky bracelet, a cute ring, a statement necklace, or a funky chain, all these are jewelry pieces ...

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Ambia ACH-120 _!

Energy efficient portable heaters

As winters approach, a search for heating appliances starts. All of us try to find appliances that are energy efficient, ...

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Must Have Solar Gaming Accessories

You’ll often see solar panels on roofs, the top of street lights, even on torches, but not so often in ...

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Green mobile phone concepts to communicate in a sustainable manner

Everybody possessing a mobile phone must have seen the times when the phone is out of battery and there is ...

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Solar powered cellphone concepts to ensure a sustainable chatter

Here is some good news for the people who always wanted to have an alternative to regular cell phone charging ...

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Eco Friendly Guide


A powerhouse of an eco-friendly home is net positive in energy

Going energy neutral is a big deal, going energy positive is super awesome. This home is a structure that speaks ...

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dog begging for food

Eco-friendly gifts that dog lovers would enjoy

Dog lovers are ubiquitous, and as such there are many gifts and items in the market that especially target dog ...

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Blinds and Staying Green: The Lowdown

Once upon a time they were for show, now blinds are for so much more. One of the key ways ...

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Eco-friendly wedding

Eco-friendly wedding see a popularity rise in India

In India the only kind of wedding we all have heard of is the ‘The Big Fat Indian Weddings.’ But ...

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Eco Art

Egg carton Decorative lights

Interesting things you could conjure from egg cartons

Egg cartons often go waste at homes, but why waste them when you can create some wondrous craft items from ...

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Indiana artist uses e-waste to create astounding metallic sculptures

  Gabriel Dishaw, a passionate junk artist from Indiana is quite famous for his mastery in crafting high-end mechanical and ...

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Best recycled art displays for eco conscious folks!

Eco-art takes up humongous efforts, mirrors creativity and at the same time, sends a message. Eco-art, especially recycled products show ...

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10 DIY cork recycling ideas

Ever wondered you can morph simple cork you have pulled out of wine bottles countless times into amazing new stuffs ...

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Eco Deals


Is the Second Hand Eco Market for Cars Inflated?

There’s no denying that the car market is making great inroads towards making our use of automobiles a lot more ...

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Cars and vehicles for businesses and small business owners

  Whether you’re starting out on your business adventure or are already established in your field, it’s likely that some ...

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Small city cars — green motoring at its finest

It’s no secret that motoring is getting greener all the time. Since 2001, new cars have had their road tax ...

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Electric Cars for Families

Starting a family is a big step for any couple, and it often means financial sacrifices have to be made. ...

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