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Branch Candle Holder

Innovative home décor that grows around tree branches

While some of us prefer a sleek, modernistic look in our home, others prefer a more naturalistic vibe which can ...

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Newspapers upcycled (2)

Newspapers upcycled into rather intriguing stools

The idea of building furniture from recycled materials is nothing new. In fact, upcycling is all the rage these days, ...

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made of recycled mine shells

Inspirational and offbeat furniture derived from naval mines

The crash of the Soviet Union left a lot of naval mines unused and left to rot. That is, until ...

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Sprouts IO 2

7 High-tech systems that make indoor gardening easier

A lot of us love to grow plants but do not have the necessary space or time to take care ...

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attempting to go green

6 Mistakes businesses make when attempting to go green

A lot of businesses are taking steps to become environmentally sustainable in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint on ...

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carbon taxes

Businesses prepare to best energy efficiency with carbon taxes

The last few years have seen many breakthroughs in renewable energy resources, energy efficiency and energy storage hitting the headlines ...

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RE.BIN is an artistic and attractive solution that makes recycling simple for people

If you’re sick of using bulky dust bins (that look so gross in the room) or paper grocery bags as ...

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Lifepack  (2)

Lifepack – Mobile office with solar panels and antitheft feature in minimal design

Backpack market is rapidly going through a change as inventors and designers are leaving no stone unturned to make them ...

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Air Conditioning Repairman 4

Heating and cooling your home efficiently, and for less

Heating and cooling costs amount to over half of the energy used in a typical home. As is the case, ...

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Sprout Air purifier (1)

Sprout Air purifier is a streetlight moonlighting as an air purifier

USA-based Jae Stelzer – student at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, has created a streetlight that purifies ...

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Earth Tub  3

Earth Tub – An ultimate off-grid compost water geyser and water filter

A non-profit organization, Soil For Life, did a research on the Peri urban environments of Western Cope townships. The study ...

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LarderBox Food Storage Unit (1)

LarderBox Food Storage Unit is healthy way to minimize food waste

An estimated 40 percent of the food grown goes waste and is never consumed. This is huge pressure on the ...

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