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BiosIncube l

Bios Incube lets you grow remains of your loved ones into trees

Losing a loved one is a reminder that life is too short and dealing with the pain of losing a ...

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XDModo Solar Window Charger

6 Smart devices and cases you can use to power your smartphone on the go

Nearly every other individual has a smartphone these days. With their ability to multitask (and how), smartphones have become a ...

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Turtle Tent (1)

Turtle Tent gives you a perfect beach sunshade powered by solar energy

If regular beach umbrellas make it a hassling experiencing when you visit a beach for relaxation, then forget the trouble ...

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Iceland (1)

Concept aims to reduce the carbon footprint of data centers by placing them in Iceland

With the ever-increasing data generated by a wide range of Web activities, the need for effective data centers is also ...

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pretty woman

6 Sustainable NYC fashion labels that are making a mark

With more and more consumers becoming conscious of their environmental impact in whatever they do (including the clothes they buy), ...

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new skyscraper design concept (1)

The new skyscraper design concept turns deserts into oases with life

In several countries, there are barren deserts that could have been put to better use. As many places see migrating ...

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home plastic waste

DIY way to convert your home plastic waste into oil

Plastic waste tends to have drastic effects on the environment. It is a non-biodegradable material, meaning it will remain in ...

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L’îlot 2.0 Modern Refrigerator (2)

Cool and Preserve Your Veggies Naturally with L’îlot 2.0 Modern Refrigerator

When we talk about going green and saving energy through a variety of techniques, one of the most prominent aspects ...

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DIY Solar tracker (2)

DIY Solar tracker for the best of harnessing solar energy

A solar tracker is a device that will follow the sun’s path throughout the day, thus increasing the system output ...

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Clairy air purifier  (1)

Clairy air purifier makes your indoor air better and cleaner

Like many people, do you also think that actual pollution stays outside your home? If you do, then it is ...

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alternatives to free energy sources

6 Promising alternatives to free energy sources that can fuel a smarter world

The search for alternative sources of energy has been on for quite some time now. Researchers from around the world ...

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Best Composting Toilets (1)

Best Composting Toilets, Types, and Reviews

Green and sustainable lifestyle is steadily finding its place in modern homes.Composting toilets, water-recycling toilets, waterless toilets, and off the ...

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