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Knowing Cradle to Cradle Manufacturing and the best products for a safe and eco-conscious home

We all desire creating homes that are healthy and eco-conscious for we all love staying fit. With the advent of ...

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Non-tech ideas and lifestyle changes that can help you reduce your carbon footprint

Probably every now and then you come across a long list of latest technological inventions that could help you reduce ...

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Best green cruise lines for eco travel enthusiasts

You are up for a vacation with your family or with friends, and this time you have chosen cruising as ...

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Best Green innovation and technologies that will hit the market soon

Many green breakthroughs and innovations surface every year, potential enough to change the course of our lives. The year 2015 ...

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Gadget ingenuity: Drawing power from kinetic energy

Our dependence on coal-burning power plants has led to rapid depletion in the environment’s health. These power plants are the ...

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Eco-friendly toy industry is going strong, and growing

While the world’s toy industry is expanding at a tremendous scale, the US toy sales are expected to grow only ...

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best green jobs (1)

Know all about the best green jobs in the years to come

Global warming and environmental pollution is a matter of concern. Several countries are taking concrete steps in order to protect ...

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public transport (2)

Simple tips to increase the reliability of car-lite mobility

Countries like Singapore are implementing car-lite strategies which will help the country become less dependent on cars. Better infrastructure and ...

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automotive oil recycling (3)

The benefits of automotive oil recycling for the planet

As we know that engines of automobiles and certain machinery do not burn oil completely. A large amount of used ...

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solar cell designs

Checkout plant-inspired environmentally friendly solar cell designs

One of the best examples of using solar energy proactively is the process of photosynthesis in plants. Human beings have ...

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The Lomokino Super 35 the hand cranked movie camera

Awesome eco-friendly hand cranked cameras you will love

In the age of mobile phone cameras, one might feel that standalone cameras have lost their charm. This is not ...

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Sunnyclist 3

Sunnyclist: Invincible zero-emission combo of battery, solar, and pedal power

Under extreme global pressure for cutting vehicular emission, automotive engineers and designers are leaving no stone unturnedininclusion of alternative energy ...

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